Brush Away Anxiety

Brush Away Anxiety

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Everyone seems to have a dental horror story – even Balwyn dentist May Chan.

Dr. Chan knocked out her two front teeth as a child and could see blood everywhere. But this scary experience made her aspire to be a devoted dentist.

On the eve of Dental Awareness Week (August 5-11), the dentist from Dental Boutique in Whitehorse Rd. is trying to help others shed their “dental anxiety.”

“Nearly half of all Australians suffer some level of dental anxiety,” Dr. Chan (pictured) said.

“Previous as studies by the Australian Dental Association reveal that nearly one-in-two patients have some fear associated with visiting their dentist.

Dental fear and anxiety have caused many people to avoid or delay their visit to the dentist until bigger problems such as pain and infection occur. As a result, their dental and general health suffers.”

Dr. Chan said that people with untreated oral and dental diseases can experience severe pain, loss of sleep, inability to eat certain food, tome off work or school. She said many are also unaware that poor oral health is linked to medical conditions such as diabetes and heart diseases.

Dr. Chan said the advancement of technology in dentistry meant most dental procedures were relatively painless.

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