Celebrity Smiles

Our visionary team of master ceramists and dentists work to meticulously design an exquisite smile you have always dreamed of.

Snezana Wood

Winner Of The Bachelor Australia

Dental Concerns:
  • Crooked, misaligned upper and lower teeth
  • Old and ill-fitting cosmetics completed elsewhere
  • Short and irregular shaped veneers

Sam Wood

The Bachelor Australia, Owner of 28 By Sam Wood

Dental Concerns:
  • Dental fear
  • Crooked lower teeth
  • Neglected oral hygiene and pain
  • Aesthetics of the upper teeth

Martha Kalifatidis

Channel 9’s Married At First Sight TV Show (MAFS)

Dental Concerns:
  • Old cosmetic work completed elsewhere
  • Feels like she is “missing a tooth,” and has a tooth that is “pushed back” from all the others
  • Narrow smile

Rozalia Russian

Melbourne Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blogger / Entrepreneur

Dental Concerns:
  • Unaesthetic old cosmetics on two front teeth  
  • Uneven and irregular shaped teeth
  • Chipped top teeth
  • Crooked lower teeth
  • Discoloured teeth

Jane Scandizzo

Yummy Mummies TV Series (Netflix & Channel 7)

Dental Concerns:
  • Crooked, crowded lower teeth
  • Misalignment between upper and lower teeth causing grinding of teeth
  • Wearing down of lower teeth from grinding

Joey Scandizzo

Australian Hairdresser Of The Year

Dental Concerns:
  • General oral hygiene maintenance

Georgia Love

The Bachelorette Australia / Channel 7 TV Presenter

Dental Concerns:
  • Minor crowding and crooked teeth (upper teeth)
  • Reserve smile (inverted smile)
  • Discoloured teeth
  • General oral hygiene

Brooke Blurton

Australian TV Personality

Dental Concerns:
  • Broken tooth from playing rugby.
  • Discoloured Upper & Lower Teeth
  • Crossbite

Lana Wilkinson

Celebrity Fashion Stylist

Dental Concerns:
  • Old, worn and bulky cosmetic work completed elsewhere
  • Crooked, uneven and discoloured teeth
  • Never happy with her smile