Celebrity smiles –

Darcy Spinks

Model and Social Media Star

Dental Concerns:

  • To improve overall aesthetics of her teeth
  • Evidence of parafunction
  • Discoloured Teeth



Darcy is a Model and Entrepreneur, who will be competing in this year’s Miss Universe Australia’s competition and is the co-founder of Two Evolve – A Digital Marketing & Events Agency located in Melbourne, Australia. Two Evolve works with brands, to assist with their growth and sales through Content Creation, Digital Marketing and Events. As she’s a contestant on this year’s Miss Universe Australia and her job consists of being in front of the camera, Darcy decided it was time to prioritize having a healthy and beautiful smile that would make her feel more confident in her photos and her career. She decided to visit Dental Boutique and explore her treatment options for her smile.


To complete Darcy’s smile transformation she will visit Dental Boutique twice over the span of 2 weeks.


For Darcy, the composite veneer treatment will be completed to correct her concerns and create her ideal smile.