Celebrity smiles –

Jane Scandizzo

Yummy Mummies TV Series (Netflix & Channel 7)
Dental Concerns:
  • General oral hygiene maintenance

Yummy Mummy star (Netflix & 7Plus) and former model Jane is married to celebrity hairdresser and entrepreneur Joey Scandizzo. Jane had braces when she was a teenager and has felt over the years that her teeth have moved as she stopped wearing her retainers. Jane’s main concern was her lower teeth (crookedness and crowding) and also that her upper and lower teeth alignment has changed, causing her to grind and wear down her lower teeth.

For Jane, a healthy, beautiful smile is very important to her to feel more confident in her career in the media and TV industry. Jane says she has always liked her smile, but would like to make a few corrections to get that perfect smile she once had as a teenager!


We completed Invisalign treatment for Jane to straighten her lower teeth and improve the alignment of upper and lower teeth (bite) to reduce grinding. Invisalign uses a series of virtually invisible clear aligners that move your teeth and bite into your desired position and was the ideal treatment for Jane to correct all of her concerns, as she likes the size and shape of her teeth. For Jane, Invisalign was the preferred, discreet treatment option over traditional braces working within the media and TV industry.

Jane’s treatment was completed over a length of time.