Celebrity smiles –

Tully Smyth

Big Brother Contestant &
Social Media Star
Dental Concerns:

Tully was a contestant on Australia’s reality TV show, Big Brother. Since the show, she has become an Instagram star with over 200k fans and is one of Australia’s most popular socialites. She shares with her followers and on her blog, Young Blood Travel, her exciting life of favourite foods, fitness routines, and beauty and fashion trends. Tully visited Dental Boutique to improve the colour and shade of her teeth as she loves to drink coffee and red wine. Over time, she noticed that her teeth had become stained and not as white as she would like them to be.


Dental Boutique completed an in-chair teeth whitening treatment for Tully and provided Tully with a personalised take-home whitening kit.

Treatment Timeline:

Tully’s treatment was completed in 2 days and 2 visits.

1st visit: Thorough dental scale and clean, teeth whitening consultation, and in-chair teeth whitening session completed. Impressions for personalised take-home kit were also completed.

2nd visit: Collection of personalised take-home whitening kit.\