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Cosmetic Dentistry

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A confident smile can mean everything for someone. We all love to smile proudly without having to worry about how our teeth will look. But there are times where we don’t feel as confident we like to be, and our lack of confidence may affect our health and wellbeing too. Whether it’s a discolouration from medications or some broken teeth from a sports injury, dental health is important to all of us – even at an aesthetic level. At Dental Boutique, our cosmetic dentistry services in Melbourne can help.

At its essence, cosmetic dentistry refers to the process of improving the appearance of your smile along with a primary focus on your teeth’s aesthetics. Different customer needs call for different cosmetic dental services. These could range from a simple teeth whitening to dental implants. But in general, cosmetic dentistry covers several procedures including adding or removing material to teeth and gums, reshaping, straightening, and implants, among others. 

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is both simple and non-invasive. As the name implies, this procedure will turn your yellow discoloured teeth to glowing white. 

Dental Implants

Support a dental prosthesis 

Porcelain Veneers

Give new shape, colour and front surface to teeth 

All On 4

Full mouth rehabilitation


Clear solution for straightening teeth

Dental Bonding

Small repairs for gaps, chips or stains


Correct malpositioned teeth and jaw

Gum Recontouring

To Reveal More of Your Pearly-White Smile

The Cosmetic Dentistry Advantage

As the above would suggest, many opt for cosmetic dental services mainly to fix broken teeth, misalignments or discolourations. It could also be for the simple reason of achieving that picture-perfect smile. But prior to deciding what procedure to go through, it’s important that you go through an evaluation from a qualified cosmetic dentist. A thorough check up will help you determine what exactly you would need. Your dentist may tell you that veneers are not the only available option if you want to improve your smile. If you’re looking to get your missing teeth fixed, an evaluation will give you all the cosmetic dental service options at your disposal.  

Cosmetic dentistry is becoming increasingly popular. After all, who wouldn’t want the smile they imagined they would have? Hence why going with a renowned dental clinic matters as much as choosing to reshape the aesthetics of your teeth. Equipped with a staff of experienced and caring professionals, Dental Boutique in Melbourne offers a variety of cosmetic dental services each catering to specific needs of every customer. This ranges from dental bonding and All-On-4 technology, to other services like emergency dental treatments.     

Don’t let your smile hold you back

At Dental Boutique, our aim is not to make you a patient, but to give you a one way trip to health and beauty. Our goal and passion is to create a smile that you will love, healthy teeth and gums and long lasting results.

A smile that you will LOVE

Healthy teeth and gums

Long lasting results

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