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Dental Implants


For dental implants Melbourne people trust us at Dental Boutique to replace their missing or damaged teeth. Computer-guided implant surgery is a huge advancement in the replacement of teeth. The benefits of using this technology are:

Less traumatic: No peeling of gums to expose bone to place implants. This means no sutures needed or swelling after implant placement

Minimal healing time: No time off work needed the next day after implant placement as it is a “key-hole” surgery.

Short procedure: Typically takes only 20-30 minutes to place an implant, compared to traditional methods, which may take 60 minutes and upwards, due to multiple steps involved in the traditional method.

Precision and predictability: Eliminates any guesswork involved in determining which part of the jawbone that provide the best site for implant placement. The placement has been pre-planned before procedure.

Minimise the need for bone grafting and other additional grafting procedure.

At Dental Boutique, 90% of all our implant cases are done using the guided technique as we have seen significant improvement in patient satisfaction after surgery as there is extremely minimal swelling or pain after the procedure.

For a prompt, professional and permanent solution for your smile and bite, visit Dr Reuben Sim and his team at Dental Boutique, Melbourne.

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