How To Get The Exact Smile You Want

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 22-01-2022

Now, are you looking to change your smile and get a smile makeover because you’re not confident about your smile or you’re just not happy about something about your smile? But you’re just not certain how to get the smile that you want or to get the smile that you desire. Now I’m going to give you some shortcuts in terms of how to get a smile you want and how to actually get the end result without too much of a hassle.


So, there’s a few pointers that I’m going to share with you through this video so that you end up with a very good result with a dentist of your choice so that you’ll be happy and fulfilled with your smile.

Now, one of the key things for you to remember is for you to actually communicate what sort of smile you want to your dentist. Be certain to actually take some photos or screenshots of people that you like or a smile that you actually really really like. Maybe have three to five different smiles that you like and show it to your dentist. Because the chances are some of the smiles might not be suitable for you, but some might be.

So one of the key things is to discuss the smile that you like with the dentist or cosmetic surgeon so that they can advise you in terms of whether it fits you as a person or if it fits what you want. Because if you want something or if you want to feel confident or successful, the shape of your teeth might be slightly different compared to someone who wants to feel more feminine or more sexy.

Because it depends on the size and shape. And that varies from person to person. Your body, your height, your face shape- we’ve got to take all of this into account to get the smile of your dreams. Be certain to take some photos of your teeth and discuss that with your dentist so that you can get the best advice possible.

Now one of the other things to get the smile that you like is to actually get a trial smile before you actually get started with your treatment. Now what a trial smile is this: the dentist will take a mold of your teeth and will design a blueprint of your smile based on that model. He or she will actually design a smile based on what she sees on your face. And using that template, we will then use a bit of wax and plastic on your teeth so that we actually get to see what it looks like before we start.

Now that’s really crucial because it allows you to see what it looks like and allows your family and friends to critique or even complement your smile. So if you think that a smile is too big too short too long based on what’s been designed we can still make changes to it because it’s not the permanent set yet.

So that way it allows you to really understand what you smile is, what it can be like and whether your dentist actually got your vision in mind. Because if there’s a disconnect in the vision between you and your dentist, you might want to clarify that before you proceed with the final step and it’s so important to get the smile that you want.

Now finally, once you’ve gone through that process of getting your trial smile and we make the final Veneers for you, be certain to actually trial the final Veneers as well. Because that is something that’s been overlooked time and time again. Now, what it means by trialing the final smile of Veneers would be a dentist would actually apply a temporary cement on the Veneers and apply it into your teeth.

Now once that’s been done, we will then look into the size, shape, texture and — very importantly- the colour of your teeth. So, at our practice here, what we normally do is we will actually view them in different lightings because under different lightings you see different characteristics coming out through the final Veneers.

So, for example if you are in a room that’s a bit yellow lighting or versus somewhere that’s indoor but without sunlight and versus somewhere that’s outdoors with a lot of sun. Chances are the shape of your teeth stays the same but the colour of your teeth might be slightly different in these three different environments. And you want to be certain that when you smile in public in all these environments, you want to make sure your teeth are spot on every single time. Not just in one environment that looks good and otherwise it doesn’t look as good.

So, trial the smile even when you’ve got the permanent Veneers in. Only once that’s done will you give the seal of approval to your dentist and say, “Go ahead, cement them in.” Because once it’s in it’s going to be in for a long long time.

So, here again, three ways to ensure that you get the smile that you want. Number one, do your research. Make sure the dentist has got your vision in mind by showing some photos of the teeth that you like. Number two, do a trial smile using wax and plastic on your teeth so that you get to what it can look like before you do the final Veneers. And finally before you cement the final Veneers in, do a trial smile with the Veneers as well in different light settings to actually allow you to see the expression of the colour of these Veneers.

So, if you’ve got any friends or family who have got the opportunity to actually want to get into cosmetic dentistry, feel free to share this with them so that they can actually get the smile that they want without too much hassle or redoing the treatment again.