Dr. Reuben Sim, Founder of Dental Boutique discusses Dental Anxiety on Channel 9’s The Today Show

Terese avoided the dentist for 15 years! She had gum disease, missing teeth and teeth falling out, not to mention severe dental anxiety from past traumatic dental experiences. Terese’s smile was impacting her career as a Real Estate Agent, and her life in general.

Leaving several consultations with other dentists feeling unhappy, when Terese found Dr Reuben Sim it changed everything!

In their initial consultation, Dr Reuben walked her through all of her options, steps involved and explained everything thoroughly. Together they decided that total teeth replacement was the best option for her.

Following treatment, Terese’s career started to improve dramatically. She ended up winning three awards consecutively since treatment and became the most awarded Real Estate Agent in her company. Terese is still the same person, her skill set is still the same, but her new smile transformed her confidence and life.