Dr Reuben Sim: Why I Live To Make You Smile!

Everyone has a reason for why they want to do something. For some people, a smile can mean more confidence in themselves and the way they feel about themselves, more success in their career and work and for some to achieve the picture perfect smile on their wedding day. What would a new smile mean to you?

I’m Doctor Reuben and I’m a cosmetic dentist. From time and time again I get asked this question, why do I want to be a dentist? The answer is actually really simple, is because I can change someone’s life for the better be it in a small way or a big way. There’s so many instances where during my career as a dentist I truly believe that I’ve made a difference to a lot of patients.

There was one time that a girl has come, a young woman came into the practise and she told me that she’s never smiled to her friends and family. Has never taken photos on Facebook, has never actually laughed in public unless she closes her mouth. That truly actually broke my heart, because she’s such a young, nice looking girl, but at the same time she doesn’t have the confidence to actually move forward with her friends and family. Or to actually have the confidence to talk to people. This is actually impaired her socially.

Now after doing some work, some treatment for her, her confidence has changed and she’s actually sent me photos of her smiling on Facebook. Her smiling in friends and family, and interacting in functions. That has given me so much joy seeing her grow from being someone who’s so – Having someone such with low self esteem, someone who’s out there and just enjoying life.

With the work that I do I find that we can actually empower people to actually move on with a career. I know a real estate agent who’s been actually in the industry for about 10, 15 years. She’s just doing her job, she enjoys what she does, she’s not shy when talking to people otherwise she wouldn’t be meeting all her clients. However, after doing some treatment for her, we find that her career started improving dramatically. It’s definitely psychological thing, because she’s still the same person, her set of skills are still the same. But guess what, she actually won three awards consecutively being the most awarded real estate agent in her company, three times in a row.

That is just proof to me that a smile is so important. Being confident about who you are and being confident about talking, speaking and interacting with people, when you’re smiling, can bring so much beauty in this instance. Now the other thing is also I’ve got brides coming in who has refused to go into a photo shoot for example because they just don’t want to do the photo shoot, because they don’t want to smile. They feel that they don’t want to capture that smile for the rest of their life. They want something done. After transforming their smile we find that they started smiling more, of course. We’ve actually received photos and videos of them smiling and just enjoying their wedding. It’s such a beautiful moment.

The answer to this about why I do what I do, is because the passion when I wake up in the morning, to actually know that I’ve got a chance, or the privilege to actually change someones life for the better is so profound. Now dentistry is something that I do and something that I can do for the rest of my life. My question is this, what is it for you that gives you the passion and empower you to do something for the rest of your life, for the good? Doctor Reuben: Thanks for watching the video, I hope you’ve enjoyed it and you’ve gained some useful information out of it as well. Now I’ll be putting up new videos every single week and if you like to see more of these videos remember to click subscribe on the button. I’ll see you in the next video.