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Martha Kalifatidis has become a full-time influencer since starring on the 2019 season of Married At First Sight. And on Friday, the 31-year-old marvelled over her new ‘natural looking’ porcelain veneers. The former makeup artist shared before and after photos to Instagram of her smile, after getting her teeth done at Dental Boutique last year.

‘Ok soooo I got porcelain veneers. Gonna leave some info here… oh and some gorgeous before and afters,’ Martha shared to Instagram stories. Pleased with the results, the Sydney-based star asked her followers: ‘Honestly if you’ve seen more natural veneers, please show me.’ Martha also shared a photo, drawing attention to her new pearly whites, on her Instagram page. She was seen lying on the grass in a vibrant ensemble, while boyfriend Michael Brunelli took a candid shot from above.

Martha captioned the post: ‘8 billion smiles in the world and mine is my favourite. Thanks to Dental Boutique. ‘Last year Dr Reuben Sim made me the most dainty, feminine and natural looking porcelain veneers, so natural my mum couldn’t even tell.? Couldn’t be happier. ‘Since becoming an influencer, Martha has landed many lucrative endorsements. Speaking to Daily Mail Australia last month, Martha said ‘never in her wildest dreams’ did she believe that creating sponsored posts at home would become her full-time job, and expressed her surprise at how financially viable it is.

‘It is surprising. I worked as a makeup artist for so long and I knew that big brands turnover so much. And the number one thing that they all invest in is marketing,’ she said. Although Martha did not reveal the exact figure she charges for branded content, it’s estimated she makes anything up to $3,000 for a single sponsored selfie. Some brands likely pay even more for multi-post deals, or to exclusively sign Martha up as the face of their campaigns across different platforms.

When asked how she’s spending her impressive earnings, Martha explained that she’s investing it all into her own top secret business venture.

‘I’m working on something of my own. It’s going to take a while. This is a stepping stone right now. It’s opened so many doors for me,’ said the aspiring entrepreneur.

‘Obviously I have this big platform now. It just sort of catapults your brand or whatever it is you’re going to start. It’s like a nice head start. I imagine that the hardest thing for most new brands is getting a platform.’

Martha is investing all of her earnings into a top secret business venture, and says being an influencer is just a ‘stepping stone’ and is grateful for her big platform.

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