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Dr. Reuben Sim and Dr. May Chan, From the Dental Boutique in Balwyn, Victoria, work with the team in their clinic to provide all forms of dentistry, including cosmetic dentistry.

The clinic offers smile makeovers tailored to individual needs and these may include treatments such as crowns, implants, veneers and bonding.

As well, the dentists will replace amalgam fillings with the latest tooth-coloured fillings, such as dental porcelain inlay or onlay fillings, which mimic the pearly-white shine of teeth.

They also focus on improving gum health and appearance, with treatments for receding and overgrown gums that result in healthy gums that are also aesthetically pleasing.

For patients whose teeth are stained or discoloured from age, whiting treatments at the clinic and at home are a crucial part of their treatment protocol.

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