Teeth Cleaning Sydney

We all require dental checkups every six months for a strong and healthy smile.

This allows a dental expert to foresee and prevent any issues with necessary advice and treatments.

Here at Dental Boutique, our award-winning team of dental professionals pride themselves on the most precise and passionate service; so if you require a dental checkup, our Sydney clinic can help!

To learn the cost of a dental checkup at our Sydney clinic, and how we can improve your smile and oral health with each treatment – read on!

Getting a Dental Checkup And Clean In Sydney

During your dental checkup and cleaning at our Sydney clinic, we perform a scale and polish to remove any plaque and tartar that hides away from your floss and toothbrush.

During a dental checkup and clean at our Sydney clinic, we’ll address any concerns you have with your teeth and mouth, and inform you of any potential issues.

It doesn’t matter how long it’s been since your last dental checkup – our Sydney clinic team won’t judge you! We’re here to help.

So what can you expect with each dental treatment? Let’s take a look.

Dental Boutique Sydney | A Comprehensive Dental Checkup

Our comprehensive checkups are unmatched.

Between visits, there’s lots of sneaky bits of food that can build up and wreak havoc.

Here’s everything we go through when you visit us.

Delta Evaluation | A Sydney Dental Checkup With A Difference

We check the health of your teeth, gums, tongue, and other soft tissues.

We then perform any necessary treatment and/or advise you on maintaining optimal oral health.

Oral Cancer Check | A Sydney Dental Checkup You Can Trust

When we’re checking the soft tissues in your mouth, we look for any potential oral cancer or lesions.

Detecting this as early as possible is critical; this is why we recommend checkups every six months.

Dental Radiographs | A Sydney Dental Checkup For You And Your Family

Where applicable, we’ll perform x-rays and radiographs of your teeth and jaw for a comprehensive examination.

This allows us to discover any damage between your teeth that’s invisible to the naked eye.

It also helps clarify the health of your teeth’s roots and jaw bone.

Dental Scale and Clean | A Sydney Dental Checkup And Clean To Leave You Feeling Fresh

We’ll remove any plaque or tartar buildup from your teeth with our dental scale and clean treatment.

You’ll feel as fresh as possible when walking out with clean and smooth teeth!

So what’s the cost for a dental checkup at our Sydney clinic?

Let’s find out!

Dental Boutique | The Cost of A Dental Checkup And Clean At Our Sydney Clinic

If you find yourself wondering, “how much does a dental checkup cost in Sydney?” the answer is: not as much as some people guess!

We don’t want the cost to prevent a dental checkup and cleaning at our Sydney clinic – we believe a fabulous healthy smile should be within reach for everybody.

So, we offer many flexible payment plans and costs to suit most budgets.

Optimal oral health and fabulous smiles are the results of consistent six-month dental checkups and consistent cleaning practices at home.

Be sure to get in touch with our team of dental experts here, to learn the precise cost of your dental checkup and clean at our Sydney clinic.

For any other questions you have regarding a dental checkup at our Sydney clinic, call us now via 1300 32 76453 (1300 DB SMILE) – we’re ready to provide you with the answers you need!