Missing a Tooth? Here Are Your Options

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 22-01-2022

At Dental Boutique we offer a number of viable treatment options to replace missing teeth. As a leader in cosmetic dentistry, we use modern advances in technology to replace missing teeth that will meet your dental needs and desires.


Now, are you missing a tooth and you actually don’t know where to actually find resources or you actually don’t know what to do with the missing tooth? Now, I found created this video because there’s so much information out there in the internet that can be confusing for people who do not understand dentistry as well as they should. So tune in because I’m gonna give you three different ways to actually replace missing tooth.
Now, one of the key things about having a missing tooth is that it can affect you in two different ways. Now the first one would be your function. When you’ve got a missing tooth, especially on a back tooth for example, what’ll happen is that the load on the rest of the teeth will actually … you actually overload the remaining teeth because when you are missing one tooth, the rest of the teeth take more burden and create more stress on the teeth.

That may potentially create cracks or fractures on the existing inner teeth. And the second reason why teeth should be replaced, especially in the front for example, is because some patients might be happy going around without front teeth, but most people don’t. So when you’ve got a missing front tooth, it can be quite unbecoming in terms of self confidence or the way you speak or your lifestyle. So these are probably the two reasons why, or potential reasons why, things or teeth should be replaced. Now there are three very simple ways to replace a tooth.

Now the first way is to have a denture. Now the denture has been around for the past 100 or 200 years, and since the era of the pirates. So it’s basically a plastic appliance. You click in your mouth. You click it out. And that’s it. So while cost is very cost efficient, it’s not probably the most comfortable or the most effective way to replace a tooth. The second way to replace a tooth would be having bridge. Now a bridge is where you actually kept the two adjacent teeth, and fixed to the adjacent teeth you’ve got basically a fixed tooth attached to them. Now with this fixed tooth, it allows you to chew and is fixed in the mouth. The only thing is that if something goes wrong with the tooth on either side, you may end up losing all three teeth.

So that, while cost is probably in the middle to your cost, it’s probably not a long long term. Success rate has shown that in about ten years, 70 percent or 80 percent of bridges actually comes out from your mouth. Now the third way to replace this missing tooth would be an implant. So an implant is where you actually put a titanium root into your bone. Now, while this sounds painful and uncomfortable, truth to be told, it’s actually quite a simple process. One way to do it would be the traditional method where you need to do a surgery. In the past, you may end up getting swelling and some discomfort, but there’s a way to actually do it right now where it’s actually a keyhole method.

We actually create a little hole on top of the gums and the implant goes in straight away. So if you’re a busy mother, or a busy CEO, or you run a home business and you cannot afford to lose time off work or lose time basically, this might be a way to go because it allows you to have the implant and be up and running straight away. Now implants have got a success rate of about 90 to 95 percent over a 20 year period. So very long lasting and very durable. So these are the three ways to replace a missing tooth.

Now number one, denture. Number two, a bridge. Number three, an implant. Now if this has helped you in any way or in terms of what your options are of if you know someone who can benefit from watching this video, please share it with them because it’s one of my missions is to actually spread the smile and spread a love of dentistry. Thanks for watching the video. I hope you’ve enjoyed it and you have gained some useful information out of it as well. Now I’ll be putting up new videos every single week. And if you’d like to see more of these videos, remember to click ‘subscribe’ on the button. And I’ll see you in the next video.