Our Technology

Dental Boutique’s passion is to change things and not simply accept the traditional status quo within the dental industry. We want to make things better, to move things forward. We felt that when it came to your teeth and smile, you deserve more and the best that dentistry has to offer today.

We believe in challenging mediocrity within the dental industry with our modern technology by:

  • Investing in state-of-the-art technology
  • Advanced techniques
  • Only using trusted and high quality materials that are recommended on a global scale

Our boutique and standards of care and techniques we deliver are purposely designed to ensure our patients are supported in a comfortable, relaxing and safe space.


In-House Technology

To ensure maximum comfort for our patients, we provide the following technology advancements for all Dental Boutique patients:


We offer headphones with music of your choice to help eliminate the sound of the dental drill.


Our practice is installed with TV’s in each surgery so that you can sit back, relax and watch your favourite shows or movies on YouTube and Netflix while you complete your treatment.

In-House Digital X-Rays

Without having to go to another practice, we have all digital x-rays onsite to immediately assess your oral health more accurately and thoroughly. With these x-rays we can assess underneath your gums, what’s in between your teeth, your bone condition, missing teeth, any infections and previous dental work depending on which x-ray is most relevant to you and your current dental conditions. This helps our dentists treatment plan and provide you with the best options to help you achieve the oral health and smile you deserve.

X-rays Onsite:

Digital Intra-oral X-Ray — provides better resolution and lower radiation with no processing time, allowing for diagnosis on the spot.

Panaromic and Lateral Cephalometric Radiograph Units — for orthodontic diagnosis.

3D Cone Beam Computer Tomography

This technology allows for precise implant placement, assisting in complex root canal treatments and safer wisdom teeth removal.

Guided Implant Surgical Stents

One way to do it would be the traditional method where you need to do a surgery. In the past, you may end up getting swelling and some discomfort, but there’s a way to actually do it right now where it’s actually a keyhole method.

Using advanced technology, we actually create a little hole on top of the gums and the implant goes in straight away. So if you’re a busy mother, or a busy CEO, or you run a home business and you cannot afford to lose time off work or lose time basically, this might be a way to go because it allows you to have the implant and be up and running straight away.


Laser Unit For Gum Recontouring and Gum Lifts

To address gummy smile concerns, we offer a virtually minimal discomfort laser unit that can help reduce the size of gums and reveal more of your teeth.

Invisalign Treatment

This technology allows us to replace conventional moulds and impressions for Invisalign treatment. This technology increases the accuracy of treatment and also is a quicker turnaround time for your personalised Invisalign aligners to be manufactured — which means you could have straighter teeth faster!

Digital Photography

Once you have decided on your choice of treatment, we will work closely with you to create your ideal smile based on your aspirations, facial shape and colour, and personal characteristics.

To do this, we start with a photo and video shoot in our studio to evaluate and take into consideration when designing your personalised smile:

  • Your smile and mouth movement — the way you talk, laugh, express
  • Your natural facial expressions
  • Your personality
  • The reason why you want to improve your smile, and how you would like your new smile to look.

The advancement in digital photography and videography allows us collect all of this information to start designing your dream smile, to ensure our patients’ goals met and exceeded every time.

Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening

At Dental Boutique we offer Philips Zoom! Teeth Whitening treatments, the market leader and dentist preferred teeth whitening treatment. This treatment is popular, safe and effective to help remove years of stains from drinking coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco use that often leave your smile looking dull and discoloured. With this advanced system, your teeth can whiten up to 8 shades whiter in one single appointment.


Sleep Dentistry and Alternatives

In House General Anesthetic is only possibly with sleep dentistry. Sleep dentistry allows patients to receive dental treatment while they are “asleep”. It is ideal for people who have dental anxiety or phobia, fear of needles, have a low pain threshold, have a history of traumatic dental experiences, a strong gag reflex or those who have complex dental requirements. Generally, this method allow patients who have been avoiding the dentists for years to have all their required dental work done in one comfortable visit, helping them to get back on track with their oral health.

Alternatives to Sleep Dentistry for a Virtually Minimal Discomfort Experience:

Needleless Injections

Advancement in technology has allowed us to provide patients with the ideal and alternative situation for anyone who doesn’t like needles or the effects of long lasting numbness after local anaesthesia called “The Wand”. The needleless solution is made of small, lightweight, spring-operated device that delivers anaesthetic into the gum as an extremely fine jet of liquid in a fraction of a second.There are no needles and no part of the device that penetrates the skin, making it virtually minimal discomfort.

Gas Inhalation

Gas inhalation can assist in relieving dental pain and anxiety. It allows patients to experience a relaxed sensation as rapidly after six-eight breaths.

IV Sedation

IV sedation allows patients to remain conscious, however, the feeling of relaxation is so intense that they are unlikely to remember much about treatment. The action time is very rapid, and the drug dosage and level of sedation can be tailored to meet the individual’s needs.