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Alana’s Story – Crooked Teeth Aligned with Invisalign Treatment

Dental Concerns:
  • Baby tooth didn’t emerge
  • Adult tooth grew over it
  • Bottom teeth crowded and crooked

Alana has been suppressing her smile ever since one of her baby teeth on the bottom row failed to push through, leading to her adult tooth growing over the top and cluttering her bottom row of teeth.

Alana’s dental concerns have caused much anxiety and it’s taken its toll on her self-esteem, impacting her ability to have open and honest conversations, and smile in photos.

Alana found Dental Boutique on Instagram and decided to get in touch to see what they could do about her dental concerns. She’s never had great experiences with dental clinics in the past and found that the outcome of her treatments were never satisfactory.

The consultation team at Dental Boutique recommended the Invisalign treatment. The experienced and knowledgeable Invisalign dentists created a personalised strategy for Alana, and designed a treatment plan that catered to her specific smile goals, needs and wants. With this approach, Alana was able to reach her smile goals that she had longed for, for many years.

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The Results Speak For Themselves

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