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Emmes Story – Full Mouth Dental Implants with Dental Fear

“I’m smiling when I’m crying!”

Dental concerns:
  • extreme dental fear
  • severe, widespread gum disease
  • missing most teeth
  • severe gum and bone loss

Dental Boutique was honoured to help Emmes from Otara, Auckland, NZ with revolutionary All on Implants™ dental implant technology; a treatment that can not only change your smile, but your life too.

Emmes is passionate about life – she likes to laugh, be loud and unapologetically smile. Once her smile started to deteriorate, so did her love for laughing and smiling. Emmes has been through a lot in her life. She tragically has lost both parents and her sister, and in turn, neglected her health and teeth.

As part of her healing process and journey to find herself again, Emmes was determined to find a dentist that understood her concerns, did not judge, listened and cared for her. Emmes believed a truly spectacular smile would elevate her confidence, empowering her to be the best version of herself — from the inside out.

With revolutionary All on Implants™ technology, this is the kind of smile our team of industry-renowned dentists design and create every single day. We’ve successfully completed 2000+ transformations using All on Implants™, bringing confidence and empowerment to patients from all over the world.

Your story, whatever it looks like, matters to us and from the moment you first visit our clinic, you’re welcomed and accepted.

Emmes’ story is an inspiration to all – to express freely, to be confident, to smile again, to be who you really deserve to be.

Define your smile with All on Implants™ Dental Implants.


All on Implants™ dental implants on upper and lower teeth

The Results Speak For Themselves

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