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Leticia’s Story – Saying Goodbye to Traditional Braces with Invisalign Treatment

Dental Concerns:
  • Top and bottom teeth were crooked
  • unsure of what was best for a lady her age

Leticia was a lawyer, and having a beautiful confident smile was a characteristic that she valued and considered crucial to the hands-on and personal work she carried out day to day.

Leticia’s top and bottom teeth were crowded and crooked and she admitted that it was starting to take a toll on her self-esteem, but at her age, she was unsure of what type of treatment was available.

Leticia reached out to Dental Boutique to address her concerns and see if they could assist in offering a solution. Leticia liked the idea of porcelain veneers but after a consultation it was clear that Invisalign was the best option.

Invisalign is a new teeth straightening technique that is similar to traditional braces. Invisalign is dissimilar to braces in that it is almost unnoticeable! The Invisalign dentist creates the digital design for the Invisalign plastic straightener, which is composed of a unique thermoplastic material called SmartTrack.

Up to 18 months of treatment and Leticia has completed her journey to finding the perfect smile.

Define your smile with Invisalign.



The Results Speak For Themselves

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