I am Anxious of the Dentist

Does The Thought Of Sitting In A Dental Chair Give You Anxiety? Sounds Of The Dental Drill Make Your Palms Sweat? If So — You Are Not Alone.

Many of our patients have told us, that visiting the dentist can be scary for a number of reasons. Dental fear is something we hear often and prevents patients from visiting the dentist for years and achieving their goals, be it a functional or cosmetic goal. One bad experience at a dentist due to a painful experience, being reprimanded or judged or not being listened to can be causes of anxiety.

This is why at Dental Boutique we pride ourselves in ensuring our patients not only have a great result, but have a comfortable, minimal discpmfort and anxiety free journey.

Treatment Options

We provide our patients with options to achieve an anxiety free journey.

1. Gas Inhalation

By inhaling Penthrox, this alleviates initial anxiety associated with needles patients may have before treatment. The pain of needles is removed as patients don’t feel a thing but this option still enables the patient to remain awake during treatment.

2. Medication

Anxiety tablets that help to remove anxiety of patients before treatment. These tablets help to deliver treatment stress free for patients.

3. Sleep Dentistry (IV Sedation And General Anaesthetic)

Provided by a highly-qualified anesthetist at the practice, patients can relax and feel at ease during treatment as they don’t remember or feel any of the treatment being carried out.

These sedation options may be suitable for people who not only have dental fear and anxiety but also:

  • A fear of needles
  • Low pain threshold
  • Dislike of noises, smells and taste during dental procedures
  • Past traumatic dental experience
  • Strong gag reflex
  • Multiple dental treatments requiring long treatment time

Why Dental Boutique

At Dental Boutique, our passion is to empower people to overcome their fears to achieving the dental health and smile they deserve. We have special interest and focus on minimal discomfort solutions.

We take time to listen to our patients needs and desires and will never, never judge you. Further, we:

  • Educate you on all your treatment options to help you achieve your functional and cosmetic goals so that you can choose what option fits you best. Risks and benefits will also be clearly explained so there are no ‘surprises’.
  • Offer a number of sedation options and customise the sedation procedure to your anxiety level to ensure a stress and minimal discomfort dental treatment. This will help to calm nerves and is most suitable for lengthy procedures.
  • Have systems in place to allow dental treatment to carried out in the simplest way and shortest time for you.

Dental Boutique welcomes you to contact us if you suffer from dental fear or anxiety to see if and how we can help overcome your dental anxiety.