My Dentures Are Uncomfortable And / Or Need Replacing

Are Dentures Really Your Only Option?

Dentures were once considered the only way to replace missing teeth and as such a considerable amount of patients have dentures today. Some common complaints from these patients include:

  • “My denture becomes loose after a while.”
  • “I can’t eat sticky food.”
  • “I can’t talk well as they drop down when I speak.”
  • “I have ulcers on my gums due to the friction between the denture and my gums.”

Many patients believe dentures will last lifetime, however just like anything man made, dentures wear over time and the fit of the denture changes due to changes of your facial bone, tissue and jaw as you age. With this, you may find, that your dentures become wobbly, loose or out of shape which can lead to mouth sores, infections and other problems.

At Dental Boutique, we are passionate about creating functional and aesthetically pleasing smiles. We take the time to plan and artistically design your teeth, to suit your individual needs and desires, to ensure your dentures will align with your facial features and fit comfortably. We don’t want our patients to have to endure pain or discomfort.

However, have you ever thought of a more permanent solution that actually preserves your oral health? As a leader in cosmetic dentistry, we use modern advances in technology to replace missing teeth and ill fitting dentures with dental implants. That means that you are longer left to your uncomfortable or poorly fitting dentures as your only option.

Treatment Options

We would need to assess your exact condition and needs, but All on Implants dental implants is becoming more popular for patients, as removable dentures are no longer their final option.

  • All on Implants Dental Implants

    Dental implants are prosthetic teeth replacements, which are fixed and permanent and feels and looks like natural teeth. Dental implants are the treatment of choice with most patients as there is a significant improvement in the appearance of your aesthetics and function. The All on Implants procedure can transform your broken down dentition to a full, new set of fixed and permanent teeth in just a few days.

  • Dental Implants

    Dental implants replace each tooth individually. This solution is ideal for patients who are missing one or a few teeth. Implants replace the root of a natural tooth, and a crown is placed on top to replace the visible part of the tooth.

  • Re-Lining Dentures

    Sometimes the reason your dentures feel loose and uncomfortable is simply because they need a reline. After tooth loss, your gums tend to shrink because it no longer has to support the roots of teeth. As this happens, a denture that used to fit snugly over your gums will not fit well. By relining the denture, we can make your current fixture fit to your changed gum shape, making them feel more secure. This however, over time will cause the denture to be thicker and heavier.

Treatment Length

  • Dental Implants Or All on Implants

    Varying time between 3 days and 3 months.

  • New Dentures

    Varying time between a few days to a few weeks.

Does It Hurt?

Patient comfort is our top priority. To ensure our patients are relaxed and comfortable during any treatment we offer sedation options to calm nerves or for lengthy treatments so you can wake up to your new smile without feeling a thing!For All on Implants treatment, we generally carry out this treatment option under sleep dentistry. To reduce discomfort during the immediate post-operative stage, we provide our patients with medication required, follow up calls and a review at the clinic a few days after the procedure.

Why Dental Boutique

At Dental Boutique we aim to design simple, minimal discomfort and predictable smiles. We are trained in smile makeovers and use technology to create predictable 3D smile design photos and videos personalised for you to help you envision what your smile will look like before treatment.

  • We are one of the few practices in Melbourne with the ability and expertise to offer and perform All on Implants dental implants treatment.
  • We offer all patients undergoing All on Implants treatment a Digital Smile Design and Trial Smile where they’ll get to see and test run what the final result will look and feel like.
  • We take the time to assess and treat all risk factors in order for you to be able to enjoy your new smile for many years to come.