My Teeth Are Damaged, Short And Worn Down

There are a number of potential reasons your teeth could be damaged, short and worn down. If you can’t think of other reasons you could be grinding your teeth during sleep.

Tooth grinding has a number of symptoms, some of these include teeth that:

  • Are gradually shortening and wearing down over the years
  • Have generalized chips and cracks, or
  • Are gradually thinning

Whatever the damage is, it is important to look into all possible options to strengthen your teeth as certain damage on teeth can lead to further deterioration and in the worst case scenario loss of teeth. Past a certain point, it can be more expensive to fix than if the problems had been addressed earlier.

Treatment Length

  • Porcelain Veneers/ Porcelain Crowns/ Porcelain Bridges

    Generally 2-3 weeks start to finish.

  • Invisalign And orthodontics

    Depending on your conditions, it can take generally from 9 months to 18 months. Time may vary from case to case.

  • Gum Lift With Porcelain Veneers

    Either done 2 weeks before or on the day of the treatment for veneers

  • Gum Lift With Braces Or Invisalign

    It is done at the end of your orthodontic treatment once your teeth are all aligned.

Does It Hurt?

Naturally, some dental procedures may cause some discomfort depending on treatment type and individual pain threshold.We endeavour to ensure you you are as comfortable as possible during treatments and offer sedation options for those fearful of treatment, so you can wake up to your new smile without feeling a thing!

Why Dental Boutique

At Dental Boutique we aim to design simple, minimal discomfort and predictable smiles. We are trained in smile makeovers and use technology to create predictable 3D smile design photos and videos personalised for you to help you envision what your smile will look like before treatment.

We also go the extra mile to help straighten your teeth efficiently.

How Do We Do This?
For Orthodontics And Invisalign Treatment
  • We have been awarded Platinum Elite status by Invisalign Australia 3 years in row – signifying that we are the top invisalign provider in Melbourne.
  • We are proud to offer patients a no obligation, complimentary Orthodontic or Invisalign assessment.
  • We employ a technological device that allows us to remotely control your treatment. This makes your treatment faster and more efficient, resulting in fewer visits to the dentist.
  • Treatment time with us can now be accelerated by up to 50% using technologies we employ.
For Porcelain Veneers Treatment
  • We offer all patients carrying out porcelain veneer treatment with us a Trial Smile where they’ll get to see and test run what the final result will look and feel like. At this stage, the patient is able to give us as much feedback as possible before finalising your smile.
  • Our cosmetic dentists are highly trained, having transformed thousands of smiles. We pride ourselves in providing ultra-thin porcelain laminate veneers, that mimics nature, so you will have natural looking and long lasting smile.