I Have Yellow Teeth

Nobody Likes Yellow Teeth!

If your teeth are looking dull or discoloured, you may wish to consider a teeth whitening treatment. Dental Boutique offer a range of teeth whitening treatments to suit your individual circumstances. It’s important to make a dental appointment to talk through your options as your discoloured teeth may be caused by underlying issues that will continue to cause problems if left untreated.

Causes Of Yellow Teeth

Persistent stains from drinking coffee, tea and red wine develop over years and often leave your smile looking dull and discoloured. However, they are not the only culprits for stained teeth. Causes of stained teeth include:

  • Decay
  • Poor Oral Hygiene
  • Some Medications
  • Sugary Foods and Drinks
  • Dark Coloured Foods and Drinks
  • Smoking
  • Cracked Teeth
  • Damage to the Internal Tooth

Treatment Options

Tooth whitening treatments can brighten, freshen and remove years of stains from your teeth, providing you with a younger, rejuvenated smile. At Dental Boutique, we offer both in-chair and take-home teeth whitening procedures. We use Zoom! Teeth Whitening products for all of our patients which is a market leader and dentist preferred brand for this kind of treatment.We offer patients a free Teeth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry consultation to assess each patient’s individual situation. This is the ideal time to ask any questions you may have or to talk about your personal smile goals.

To find out more about our Teeth Whitening treatments click here.

During your assessment if underlying issues are uncovered other treatments may be required or suggested such as:

Preventing Yellow Teeth

A proper at-home cleaning routine is your best defense against permanent stains and that dull, yellow colour. This includes brushing thoroughly for two minutes twice a day and flossing between each tooth once a day. General check-ups every six months are also necessary to ensure you are getting a professional clean and scale. At-home brushing is great, but it can’t do everything!

We also recommend reducing the amount of staining foods and drinks you consume. While this is hard, it is the only way to stop re-staining occurring. At the very least you should rinse your mouth with water after consuming these products or even brush your teeth if you are at home. Drinking through straws is also a helpful method to reduce interaction with teeth.

The team at Dental Boutique welcome you to call us with any questions you may have in regards to your options or tooth whitening procedure. Contact us to schedule your complimentary cosmetic consultation today.