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Patient Story

Who is the client?


Dental problems:


Aimee is a successful Marketing Manager for a global organisation. Before moving to New York for work, Aimee wanted to pack a new aesthetically pleasing smile with her. Before embarking on a new and exciting career overseas, she wanted to correct all of her dental problems as treatment was stalled when she was younger. She desired changes in her teeth shape, colour and desired a full set of teeth. She has always felt conscious of her teeth and smile, as she was born with some missing teeth.

How long did it take?

Aimee’s treatment was completed in 10 months and 8 visits.

1st visit: Initial consult
2nd visit: Wax up, clinical occlusal analysis, 3D scan, photo taking, filming, facially driven smile design and fillings
3rd visit: In chair whitening completed and veneer preparation
4th visit: Porcelain veneers completed on front 4 teeth and composite veneers on 2 teeth
5th visit: Sinus lift surgery and bone grafting completed
6th visit: Removal of 1 tooth and surgical placement of 8 dental implants
7th visit: Insert of crowns on implants
8th visit: Review of smile and final photos and videos completed

Aimee’s desired smile was delivered and now she is enjoying her new smile in New York.


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