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Patient Story

Who is the client?


Dental problems:


Bec is a beautiful and caring manager of an aged care centre. Bec visited Dental Boutique as she had previous cosmetic work done at another dental practice but was unhappy with how it made her look. She did not feel that the work performed suited her facial features and personality characteristics, as her teeth were protrusive (too big and bulky) and were in disproportion to her face.This made Bec very self-conscious about her smile as she felt that the teeth were not her own and unnatural-looking.

She had hesitations about redoing her dental work due to fear of disappointment from her past experience, a common reason for dental fear. However, she did her research online and really liked the aesthetics examples of our work on previous patients as the work looked natural. We also assured Bec that we practice high standards of care for all patients in surgery and invest in world-class technology, facilities and innovative, modern techniques to help our patients achieve their smile dreams. This prompted her to redo her old cosmetic work at Dental Boutique.

How long did it take?

Bec’s treatment was completed in 2 weeks and in 4 visits.

1st visit: Photo taking, filming, facially-driven digital smile design and in chair teeth whitening completed
2nd visit: Veneer preparation and filming of mock up to preview final outcome
3rd visit: Review trial smile design
4th visit: Cementation of 8 veneers

Bec was really pleased with the outcome of her smile. She told us that her new smile is clean, neat and suits her personality better, her teeth fit better in her mouth and now she is less self-conscious to smile.


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