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Patient Story

Who is the client?



Dental problems:



Bree is a young and beautiful girl who visited Dental Boutique to explore her cosmetic options to improve her noticeably crooked and misaligned smile. She had been thinking about cosmetic dentistry for 5 years, and planned to visit 5 different practices to ensure this is something she really wanted to invest in and if she was financially ready. We were the second practice she came to for a smile consultation and without visiting her planned 5 practices initially, decided to go ahead with treatment with us straight away as she was too excited to start and get things underway.

How long did it take?

Bree’s treatment was completed in 3 weeks and 4 visits.

1st visit: Photo taking, filming, facially-driven digital smile design and in chair teeth whitening completed
2nd visit: Veneer preparation and filming of mock up to preview final outcome
3rd visit: Review trial smile design
4th visit: Cementation of 6 veneers

Since completing treatment, Bree’s smile is more symmetrical to her facial features and her teeth conditions significantly improved both functionally and aesthetically. She is really pleased with her results.


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