Case Study

Chris E from Ivanhoe

Who is the client?

Chris E from Ivanhoe


Dental problems:



Chris is a young doctor who was referred to Dental Boutique by a friend. His friend recommended him to do Invisalign treatment at Dental Boutique to solve his dental problems and achieve the dental health and smile he deserved, given our elite Invisalign status. He desired straighter teeth and a larger smile to improve the aesthetics of both his smile and his appearance but also desired a treatment option that could improve the functionality of chewing and eating as well.

Chris visited Dental Boutique to discuss carrying out and suitability of Invisalign treatment with us and after a consultation, he was pleased to discover that he was suitable for Invisalign treatment. Invisalign was the ideal solution for Chris as Invisalign is a discreet, effective and faster solution to straighten teeth compared to traditional metal braces.


How long did it take?

Chris’ treatment was completed in 12 months and in 6 visits.

1st visit:  Invisalign suitability assessment and consultation
2nd visit: Orthodontic records and analysis
3rd visit: Preview of his final result and tailored treatment to suit his needs
4th visit: First Invisalign “braces” goes on with teeth coloured “glues” placed on his teeth temporarily
5th visit: Changing Invisalign braces every 1-2 weeks from home, monitored remotely by Dental Boutique using advanced technology and appointment at Dental Boutique every 6-10 weeks
6th visit: Removal of temporary glue and final retainers given to maintain straightness of teeth for life


Chris was pleased with the result and in his choice in selecting Invisalign to straighten his teeth.

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