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Patient Story

Who is the client?


Dental problems:


Christine is an incredible, dedicated and loving mum to her five-year old daughter, Julia. For years she has hated the look of her smile, and has always dreamed of improving the appearance of her smile by closing the gaps and improving the size, shape and colour of her teeth. After completing her cosmetic consultation, we created by hand, 8 natural-looking porcelain veneers personalised for Christine, taking into consideration her dental concerns, personality, unique smile characteristics and facial structure.

How long did it take?

Christine’s treatment was completed in 2 weeks and in 4 visits.

Visit 1: Photo taking, filming, facially-driven digital smile design and in chair teeth whitening completed
Visit 2: Veneer preparation and filming of mock up to preview final outcome
Visit 3: Review trial smile design
Visit 4: Cementation of Veneers

Before visiting us, Christine disliked her smile and wanted to feel more confident in herself. Since visiting us, Christine told us that she loves her new smile and is now confident to meet and speak to people without the feeling of being judged throughout her role as an office manager and day-to-day life.


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