Patient Story

Clarice F from Mitcham

Who is the client?

Clarice F from Mitcham


Dental problems:

  • Retained Baby Tooth Causing Permanent Eye Tooth be Severely Displaced
  • Crooked Teeth
  • Narrow Smile
  • Asymmetrical Smile
  • Bad Bite



Clarice is a loving and generous young lady who works two jobs. She is a part-time nanny in Australia and manages an orphanage in Uganda. She is also a mother to a baby boy who she adopted from Africa. Successful career aside, Clarice felt self-conscious about her smile, particularly with talking and working with others. Further, she had retained some baby teeth that were infected and had crooked teeth. She decided to seek and carry out treatment before her teeth further deteriorated.


How long did it take?

Clarice’s treatment was completed in 16 months and 6 visits.

1st visit: Invisalign suitability assessment and consultation of treatment alternatives to metal braces
2nd visit: Orthodontic records and analysis, preview of her final result and tailored treatment to suit her needs
3rd visit: Removal of infected retained baby teeth displaced by adult eye tooth
4th visit: First Invisalign “braces” goes on with teeth coloured “glues” placed on her teeth temporarily
5th visit: Changing Invisalign braces every 1-2 weeks from home, monitored remotely by Dental Boutique using advanced technology and appointment at Dental Boutique every 6-10 weeks
6th visit: Removal of temporary glue and final retainers given to maintain straightness of teeth for life


After completing treatment with us, Clarice’s teeth and smile conditions significantly improved.

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