Case Study

John C from Forest Hill

Who is the client?

John C from Forest Hill


Dental problems:



John is a 52 year old team leader who had a number of different dental problems and knew he needed to address the condition and appearance of his teeth and smile. He could not eat very well due to missing teeth, and therefore needed to address the functionality and overall health of his teeth as well before all of his teeth begin to fall out. His deteriorating teeth and smile conditions made John feel very self-conscious when he smiled in person and in photos.

He was referred to Dental Boutique by his wife Caroline who had completed treatment with us and overcame her dental fear and anxiety with us. John initially wanted to have all of his teeth removed as he felt that they looked really bad and could not be saved. However as an advanced cosmetic practice, we combined a few treatment options to replace John’s missing teeth and saved all of his worn and broken upper teeth to achieve the smile he has always dreamed of.

How long did it take?

John’s treatment was completed in 2 weeks and in 4 visits:
1st visit: Photo taking, filming, facially-driven digital smile design and in chair teeth whitening completed
2nd visit: Veneer preparation and filming of mock up to preview final outcome
3rd visit: Review trial smile design
4th visit: Cementation of 8 veneers and 2 dental implants completed with porcelain crowns on upper teeth

John sincerely thanked Dr. Reuben and the team at Dental Boutique for their wonderful job performed. He told us that he is over the moon with his new smile and it has boosted his confidence to smile and his ability to eat. He said his new smile is fantastic and highly recommends Dental Boutique.

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