Case Study

Michael L from Balwyn North

Who is the client?

Michael L from Balwyn North


Dental problems:



Michael is a spirited and successful business owner of a cleaning business. He is also a father to three teenage boys at Trinity College. Over the years, Michael has worked hard to establish a career, always putting his job first, and his appearance second. A previous bad experience at the dentist caused Michael to have dental fear and delayed him from improving the condition of his teeth and the appearance of his smile.

At Dental Boutique, our passion is to empower people to overcome their fears to achieving the dental health and smile they deserve. With procedures in place to help fearful patients combined with personal motivations, Michael was encouraged to do something about his teeth. He has never been happy with his smile, preventing him from smiling in person and in photos. He was motivated to improve both his dental health and smile as he desired a beautiful, healthy and long-lasting smile before he retires and nice teeth for when his sons’ get married.


How long did it take?

Michael’s treatment was completed in 4 weeks in 5 visits.

1st visit: Photo taking, filming and facially-driven digital smile design
2nd visit: Trial smile and trial bite. This involved checking aesthetics of face and teeth to ensure the patient was comfortable with the new“bite”
3rd visit: Teeth preparation of porcelain veneers to restore height of teeth and aesthetics
4th visit: Confirmation of smile design
5th visit: Porcelain Crown and Veneer Cementation

Before completing treatment, Michael’s teeth and smile were aging him dramatically. Since treatment, Michael’s new smile has rejuvenated and freshened his appearance. He told us he can’t wait to attend special occasions with his new smile and take photos confidently.

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