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Patient Story

Who is the client?



Dental problems:



Before coming to see us, Rita had dental fear and hadn’t gone to the dentist in a very long time. Because of this she had severe periodontal disease and gappy, crowded and loose teeth. Rita has had confidence problems at work because of her teeth. But all that is about to change as she completes her smile makeover journey with Dental Boutique. We completed All On 4 total teeth replacement and after just 4 visits to Dental Boutique, Rita walked out with a brand new smile with fixed teeth!

How long did it take?

Rita’s treatment was completed in just 3 visits.

1st visit: Initial cosmetic consultation, smile design and pre planning for implant positioning before surgery completed
2nd visit: Placement of 4 implants under local anaesthesia
3rd visit: Securing fixed teeth on implants

She has told us that her new smile has changed her life and now, since completing All On 4 dental implants on her upper and lower teeth, she feels absolutely fantastic and all she wants to do is smile all the time!

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