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Patient Story

Who is the client?


Dental problems:


Tim 33-years old, and is a very successful auctioneer and owner of Noel Jones Property Agency in Mitcham – the leading property agency in Mitcham. Tim had braces when he was young, but this did not correct what he wanted and he was still unhappy and self-conscious with his smile. He is confident and fun, but wants to be his best without any sense of self-consciousness. Tim believed his teeth and smile were holding him back from performing his job 100% of the time. Before visiting Dental Boutique, he had thought about and researched thoroughly about porcelain veneers for 3 years and finally made the decision to do it. For Tim, he looked forward to the confidence the veneers would bring.

How long did it take?

Tim’s treatment was completed in 3 weeks and in 4 visits.

1st visit: Photo taking, filming, facially-driven digital smile design and in chair teeth whitening completed
2nd visit: Veneer preparation and filming of mock up to preview final outcome
3rd visit: Review trial smile design
4th visit: Cementation of 8 veneers

Tim felt really pleased and confident with the outcome and in himself after completing his veneer treatment. He is smiling a lot more and told us that since veneer treatment he feels better about himself.


Look no further than Dental Boutique. For years I have wanted to improve my smile. After much research I decided this practice looked like the best option. From the first phone call to follow up visits this team is a well oiled machine who really love what they do. If the little things and detail matter to you. Look no further.

Tim Longmore

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