Single and Multiple Dental Implants Melbourne VIC

Implants are inserted into your mouth and act as a replacement for your missing natural tooth. Most people won’t even realise the difference because of the natural look dental implants provide.

When a tooth is removed or lost and not replaced relatively quickly, a series of dental problems can be set in motion. Without a tooth to keep it functional, your jaw bone can begin to shrink away. This may cause a change in your facial shape and jawline and create a hollower, aged look. There may even be some speech or chewing problems that arise too.

Dental Boutique offers dental implants as a safe and reliable way to prevent these potential problems, filling the gap left by a missing tooth and the gap in your jawbone left by a missing tooth root.

To answer all of the common questions we receive in regards to dental implants we have compiled a list of FAQs below. Please click on the title to have your question answered and learn more about single and multiple dental implants.

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