Meet the team –

Annalise Tomaselli

General Manager Of Dental Boutique Group

Annalise is an enthusiastic team member that has always been interested in the dental industry since she can remember.

Having the opportunity to combine her passions, skills and interests in the one workplace makes her feel very grateful and work enjoyable. She lives a very face-paced lifestyle and always has her finger on the pulse, ready to take on new challenges or anything that comes her way.

Her experience extends to delivering digital, engagement and strategic communication solutions and managing multiple projects at a high standard.

She has a passion for three C’s – coffee, chocolate and communications who enjoys keeping up with the latest trends, spending time with her family and friends and holidaying in Europe.

I love combining my skills and passion for dentistry together in my work and aim to change the lives of many patients in all that I oversee and deliver at Dental Boutique.

– Annalise Tomaselli