Meet the team –

Shirin Baja

Patient Consultant


Smiles can change lives. Being able to help people’s journey to the best version of themselves with empathy and compassion, is the way Shirin believes in life with purpose.

As a graduated of Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Surgery and Specialist in Endodontics from Brazil, Shirin decided to broaden her horizons and career opportunities, taking the initiative to work in Australia’s dental industry and also help as a volunteer dentist for a non-profit organization in poor countries.

Shirin is also addicted to continuing education, international dental conferences, and has always had passion for the great benefit of digital dentistry. In the past years, Shirin has been focusing on dental aligners, digital dental planning- clinical performance, 3D scanner and on the great achievements of patients journey with Invisalign treatments. Shirin is also certified infection control training by the Australian Infection Control Guidelines and is member of NSW Australian Dental Association.

In her free time, she likes practicing yoga and travelling with purpose. She is also working as a Volunteer Dentist in Timor-Leste, her last project was awarded and supported by the Australian Government Child Safety, Queensland. She is looking forward to planning her next trip to explore the world and help people.

My purpose in life is to help my patients through a journey to the best version of themselves with empathy and compassion

– Shirin Baja