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A Wedding Smile Makeover

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Perfect Teeth for That Perfect Big Day!

Smile all day and be confident about it on the one day you will remember for the rest of your life – your Wedding Day!

The perfect dress. The perfect sunset. The perfect flower arrangements. The perfect little table number cards. The perfect photos. Every couple wants everything perfect and just right for their wedding day. There’s no reason for your smile to not be perfect as well!

On your big day, you want to be all smiles. That’s why it’s important that you feel comfortable and confident about your smile. With all eyes on you and every camera lens going your direction, people might not capture the sunset. They might not notice the cute little table cards. They might not take to the flower arrangements. They might not even make a note of the dress. But everyone will see your smile.

Everyone’s Smile is Unique

There will never be a smile like yours ever again. That’s our belief at Dental Boutique. That’s why we treat every case as special and unique. Every detail about you is an opportunity to highlight something beautiful. Hence, we treat every case with personalisation and care. The world is yet to see the best smile you’ve ever shown before!

Benefits of Getting a Wedding Smile Makeover


Have greater confidence as you walk down the aisle, dance your first dance or smile as family and friends cheer you on.


You have the dress, the shoes, the jewelry. Top that all off with gleaming white pearls? What an ensemble!


Perfect teeth won’t just make you look good. It will make you feel good about yourself too.

Dental Problems We Can Fix Before You Tie the Knot


Noticeable space or gaps between your teeth


Stained, discoloured or yellowish teeth


Crowded or uneven teeth


Old crowns and metal fillings


Teeth misshapen or worn down


Broken, cracked or chipped teeth


Crooked teeth


Missing teeth


Large, old fillings and cavities

There’s no case too difficult that our dentists cannot fix for you. With the right amount of time and preparation, we can help you achieve that wedding day smile makeover you desire and make all your dreams come true on your special Melbourne matrimonial day.

Timelines For Wedding Smile Makeover Treatments

Depending on the treatments to be done, we will need different amounts of lead time before the wedding day to make your smile picture perfect. Here are the different lead times for each treatment or desired outcome.


The Most Popular Dental Treatments for The Bride and Groom to Be

Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening

We often experience teeth discolouration through the food we eat and drinks we take. Some examples of teeth-discolouring food and drinks might be tea, chocolate, wine and coffee – all crowd favorites. Smoking and even medications can have the same effect on your teeth.

Thankfully it’s possible to fix discoloured teeth through tooth whitening. A whiter and brighter smile does wonders to rejuvenate your appearance. And Dental Boutique can make that happen for you. We have a market-leading, safe and highly effective treatment plan that can get your teeth up to eight shades brighter in just one appointment.

Minimum time needed for treatment: One or two weeks before your wedding day.

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Gummy Smile Fix

Gum Contouring

For patients with gummy smiles, we provide gum contouring, a process of removing excess gum tissue which might be covering your teeth through a laser technique. Get more of your beautiful teeth exposed for those big happy smiles.

Minimum time needed for treatment: One week before your wedding day.

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Orthodontics 1

Traditional Orthodontics

When your wedding costs are a little too steep for you and you need a cheaper alternative to fixing your smile, we also provide traditional orthodontics. We can provide you with ordinary braces or more discreet versions such as ceramic or lingual ones.

Minimum time needed for treatment: twelve months before your wedding day.

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Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding

A cheaper alternative to Porcelain Veneers, dental bonding has the same outcome but one that might not last as long. Using a resin material, we augment to your teeth to give it the perfect look you need to flash your wedding day smile with confidence.

Minimum time needed for treatment: One week before your wedding day.

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Get straighter teeth without anyone noticing! From the day you start your journey to straighter teeth to even the big day itself, people will never notice your treatment plan! That’s because Invisalign uses clear aligners to do the work of making your teeth perfect for your wedding day. Dental Boutique has been an Invisalign Platinum Elite awardee three years in a row. So you can be sure that you get the best Invisalign treatment here with us.

Minimum time needed for treatment: nine months before your wedding day.

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Dental Implants

Dental Implants

If you need a few teeth replaced to complete your smile, we can also do dental implants for you. When replacing teeth individually, we add a porcelain crown to strengthen and preserve the tooth. For those who are in need of bigger teeth replacements, we also have the revolutionary All on 4 treatment that can give you a full new set of teeth.

Minimum time needed for treatment: Four months before your wedding day.

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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are your fastest solution to a beautiful smile. We use ultra-thin, custom-made porcelain laminates that we bond directly over your teeth to close gaps, alter colour, change the size or re-align teeth. We make sure to perfectly match the colour of the porcelain laminates to your existing teeth that we might keep exposed.

Minimum time needed for treatment: Four weeks before your wedding day.

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Dental Crown And Bridge 1

Porcelain Crowns

Porcelain Crowns are one of the most effective solutions to severely decayed and damaged teeth. Dental Boutique has been offering this treatment for a number of years now and can bring you the best results necessary for you

Minimum time needed for treatment: Two weeks before your wedding day.

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Tooth Coloured And Porcelain Filling

Tooth-coloured Fillings

Tooth-coloured fillings are an aesthetically better alternative to metal mercury fillings. They help cover up and treat decay, cavities, and filling discolouration. 

Minimum time needed for treatment:One week before your wedding day.

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Three Steps to Your Ultimate Wedding Smile Makeover

All it takes is three simple steps to achieve the smile you want.


Step 1. Discovery Session

  • We take time to thoroughly discuss dental concerns, goals and desires over coffee or tea.
  • We take photos of current smile and evaluate the best course of action and what result we’d like to come out of this engagement.
  • We’ll show you some examples and proven outcomes of previous clients who had similar concerns, goals and desires.
  • Our Melbourne dentists find the treatment options best suited for you and clearly discuss everything including pricing.

Step 2: Smile Design, Preview and Trial Your New Smile

  • You choose your ideal treatment option
  • We design your ideal smile based on your aspirations, facial shape and colour, and personal characteristics.
  • We schedule a photo and video shooting session in our studio to collect information for smile trial.
  • We preview and trial your new smile.

03. Transform your Smile

  • We start treatment and complete your treatment in one or two visits (this may vary from case to case).
  • We also offer minimal discomfort options available for treatment.
  • You get the smile you want and deserve for your wedding day!

Have a Look at Some of Our Work

We have transformed thousands of smiles and improved the confidence of countless patients

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most people would associate a cosmetic dental treatment prior to a wedding as being primarily an experience sought by a bride, but is there a percentage of grooms who wish to get this treatment also?

There’s no reason why grooms shouldn’t want to have perfect teeth on their wedding day as well. A wedding is about two people celebrating their union. While most of our patients for our Melbourne-based wedding smile makeovers have been women, we have also had men walk through our doors as well.

What period of time before a wedding should a bride or groom allow for getting such treatments done?

It can vary from case to case. For simple cases, 6-8 months notice would be more than enough so we have time to discuss, plan and implement. For harder cases where much work will be required, we will need at least twelve months to work on your wedding day smile.

Is there a typical sequence for the treatments that I should be aware of?

Treatment sequences can vary depending on the cases. There is really no one way to approach one case because every smile is a unique and personalised experience.

Is it also the case that the bridal party might decide to join in on the treatments?

We would be more than happy to accommodate the bridesmaids and groomsmen who also want to have great smiles on your special day. For these arrangements, we might need more lead time as a lot of work will need to be done.

If so, do you offer a special group booking price for a bride and her mother, or an entire bridal party?

We can discuss this further when we know more details during the Discovery Session.

Are there specific cultures for whom getting a wedding smile makeover is more important?

I don’t think we’ve ever encountered a culture that doesn’t value the importance of a great smile. Anyone and everyone we meet who is about to tie the knot wants to look their best on that beautiful day. That being said, it’s just right to believe that no matter what ethnicity or culture you’re part of, a wedding smile you’ll be happy to flash is highly valued.

Are there any recent trends or advancements in dentistry which you’re able to apply to this pre-wedding dental process?

One of the latest trends that has been catching up recently is opting for Invisalign treatment. This is a solution that straightens out crooked teeth. But instead of using highly visible braces, Invisalign makes use of clear aligners which is practically invisible to others.

This treatment has become popular for the reason that it’s unnoticeable and removable. Couples can take it off during their ceremony or even keep it on without people noticing.

Or any preferences in treatments which brides are reading about in magazines?

The most popular treatments we get for wedding smile makeovers are teeth whitening and teeth aligning. The procedures can vary, but most of our patients who are about to get married look for those top two results first.

If a bride or groom has left the idea of having an excellent wedding smile until the last minute, eg a month or two before instead of the ideal of 12 months, are you able to rush them through the process to get it done in time? Are there any short-cuts you may decide to make?

That would depend on the severity of the case, but we do not like taking shortcuts. We might opt for a temporary solution, but it’ll only be one that we do not suggest they keep for a long time.

If a bride or groom has an accident a few days or weeks before their wedding day, where maybe they’ve suddenly lost a front tooth, can you help them with emergency action?

Replacing front teeth with dental implants is more often a process that we will need at least one month before to complete.

Do you ever get any feedback from bride or groom patients once they’re married, or is this something they mostly like to keep secret and get on with their married lives?

We definitely get feedback from bride and groom patients. Some people find there is no need to hide the procedure from their family and friends, but for those who do, we respect that decision.

Is there a time of the year where pre-wedding smile makeovers are much more in demand than at other times of the year?

In recent times, we’ve seen a very even flow although there may be times that there’s a peak sometime in June, in preparation for weddings to happen in May or June of the next year.

What dentists’ tips or advice would you give to any bride on how to be aware of her teeth in photos on her wedding day? Is it just relax, or are there a few tricks she can keep in mind?

We don’t want brides to be too conscious of their teeth on their wedding day so we try to make sure we create treatments that they can keep their mind off on their day. The right kind of treatment would be the ones that do not take too much of the attention of the patient so that they can focus on whatever they need to do on the day and let their teeth radiate on their own.
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