Why Does Cosmetic Dentistry Matter?

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 23-01-2022

It really bothers me when cosmetic dentistry has got a stigma that’s linked to fake celebrities or fake smiles, rich snobs, Instagram stars, people who are rich and wealthy.

Now, the reason why it bothers me is that I really truly believe that cosmetic dentistry isn’t just for these people. It could be for them, but it’s not just for them because to me, cosmetic dentistry is all about opening doors for the right person.

It’s about giving confidence to the person who’s got a beautiful smile. It’s got to do with not just confidence. It’s got to do with giving a person the ability to express freely without any hesitation or baggages when they smile or when they interact with people.


Now, during my entire career as a dental surgeon, one of the key things is we see a lot of patients who lack confidence, patients who cannot express freely and patients who cannot actually smile in front of cameras, who shy away from the camera, who hide from the camera, and it’s all got to do with one thing, the smile or what they perceive the teeth to be looking like. These are the people that cosmetic dentistry can really, really help because it can change their lives, and look, we’ve changed thousands of smiles. I truly believe that cosmetic dentistry can have and will have a positive effect on you, if you actually need cosmetic dentistry.