3 Things Everyone Asks About Cosmetic Dentistry

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 13-12-2021

Being a cosmetic dentist for this number of years, I’ve transformed thousands of smiles. And some of the questions that I get asked have been asked multiple times. There are three top questions that have been asked to me, and I’m going to help you answer these questions, get a shortcut so you don’t have to spend time researching it anywhere else.
Now, one of the main questions that get asked to me all the time, “Is this cosmetic dentistry painful? Does it hurt me? Will it be really uncomfortable during the process?” Now, during the process of doing treatment for you, number one, you’ll be very numb. And you won’t feel anything. We employ special techniques to actually ensure that while we give you injections, or do anything that allows you to be numbed up, it’s actually nearly minimal discomfort as well.

After cosmetic dentistry, you might get some sort of some slight discomfort on some areas, but again, it’s not something that cannot be managed with some Panadol, and you’ll be more than fine to go on with your daily activities.


Number two, “Does cosmetic dentistry damage my teeth?” Now again, this is a very broad question. The answer to that relies on three different things. It depends on the technique involved that’s been used to do your cosmetic dentistry, it depends on expertise of the dentist, and the treatment planning of the person as well. Now, the reason why I say that is because cosmetic dentistry comes in various forms. It could be veneers, it could be Invisalign, it could be multiple ways to get your teeth to where it’s meant to be. So, be sure to have a chat with your cosmetic dentist, in terms of what can be done, what should be done, and what sort of damage is going to happen to my teeth.

Now, when we do veneers in our practice here, one of the ways to minimise any damage to your teeth will be to actually pre-plan your case, so that when we do your preparation in your teeth, sometimes it can be nearly prepless. Now, when I mean prepless, it means that we basically minimise any touching any of your enamel of your teeth, so that way it actually prolongs the longevity of your teeth, and when porcelain veneers sit on existing … on really good tooth structure. So, to answer your question about whether damage to your teeth depends on a few things, which are the expertise, the technique, and the treatment planning of your professional.

Now, number three would be, “How will I look at the end of my treatment?” Now, this is a really important question that you should be asking yourself all the time when you see someone, because when you do any cosmetic work, it’s permanent, and you can’t reverse back the process once it’s been done. So, the key thing is to actually get a trial smile. Before you even go ahead with signing off and saying, “Yes, sign me up for porcelain veneers, or dental bonding, or anything that’s going to do cosmetic,” be sure that you are able to actually see what the teeth will look like on your hands, and some that’s physically in your mouth as well, so you then evaluate your size, shape, the length, the width of your teeth, get input from your friends and family in terms of your smile as well, because they might give you an opinion or an angle that you may not actually see.

So it’s very important to get a physical design on your teeth, so that before you start, you know exactly what it looks like. These are the top three questions that I have been asked, and I’m certain that if you’re into cosmetic dentistry, these questions might have crept up in your mind over and over again. So, if you know someone who actually has got an intention to do any cosmetic work at all, feel free to share this video with them, because this might help them relieve their anxiety or get them to actually research and ask better questions to their professional, because the more information you have, the better equipped you are in making the right decision for your smile, and for your friends and family.