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All-On-4 Dental Implants

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What is All-On-4®?

All-On-4® Technology is one of today’s most revolutionary and cost-effective dental techniques. The treatment brings a realistic full replacement of teeth and gums for people with failing teeth.

All-On-4® Technology is one of today’s most revolutionary and cost-effective dental techniques. The treatment brings a realistic full replacement of teeth and gums for people with failing teeth. This refers to “all” teeth being supported on just “four” implants. With All-On-4® dental implants, you can expect a restored and fully functioning set of teeth. With that comes restored facial height for a fuller face, correct bite and jaw position, improved speech and an overall restoration of the best you! All-On-4® implants involve the placement of a full set of fixed teeth on only four dental implants. It’s a procedure that can not only change your smile, but your life too.

Traditionally, dentures were the only solution for total teeth replacement. Fortunately with the new All-On-4® technology, you will see your smile function restored and aesthetics enhanced with minimal time in the dentist chair. All-On-4® also decreases the need for bone grafts, making it easier to place the implants. This procedure is perfect for people who have lost a great deal of teeth, have gum disease, have experienced bone loss already or would like a more permanent solution to wearing dentures.

The Process of All-On-4®

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Are All-On-4® dental implants for me?

All-On-4® implants are ideally suited for those who:

  • Suffer from health issues like widespread infection, disease and decay that resulted in the loss of most of your teeth
  • Have advanced gum disease
  • Have loose teeth
  • Suffer from ill-fitting dentures
  • Don’t want to wear removable dentures

The All-On-4® treatment in Melbourne is a fixed and permanent replacement option that looks, feels and functions just like natural teeth. You will never have to wear dentures again!

Enhancing Your Overall Health and Social Life

Many of today’s illnesses start with infection in the mouth due to bad or rotten teeth. Because the mouth is the pathway to the whole body, we need to have healthy teeth and gums. The All-On-4® procedure prevents that from happening to you. In addition to giving you healthy teeth, All-On-4® dental implants allow for a healthier whole.

All-On-4® can also give you more confidence and often help patients communicate with others more. Thus improving their social wellbeing as well. You will be more able to smile at others and speak like you did before. Love yourself more when you have a smile that you won’t be afraid to show. Become a better you by building a more confident you. Thanks to All-On-4®, the added confidence will let you face the world with more gusto!

After all, getting a new set of teeth can do wonders for you as a whole. All-On-4® dental implants can bring patient satisfaction and an improvement in function, aesthetics, speech, and self-esteem.

Why Get All-On-4® At Dental Boutique?

Dental Boutique is one of the few dental practices in Melbourne with the ability and expertise to perform this advanced treatment. All-On-4® technology is a revolutionary and cost effective technique that allows full replacement of teeth and gums. It’s also a fixed and permanent alternative to full teeth dentures, supported by four implants completed within just 1-3 days. As a permanent solution, All-On-4® dental implants are more functional and secure than regular removable dentures that look, feel and function like natural teeth.

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Nobel Biocare Affiliation

We are affiliated with the only implant system with a track record and are certified to perform the All-On4® procedure in Melbourne. We invest in genuine parts and quality materials in all our All-On-4® procedure to ensure the success of your case.
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The All-On-4® Melbourne Treatment

At Dental Boutique, all your work will be completed in our facility, without the need to travel to different places or hospitals. Your AllOn-4® dental implants procedure can be completed under General Anaesthesia as we collaborate with our in-house Specialist Anaesthetist.
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Minimal Discomfort

Luckily our boutique offers a number of sedation, relaxation and general well-being techniques, including sleep dentistry, gas inhalation, needle-less technology, premedication and safeguard signals that have helped many of our patients overcome dental anxiety and fear. Every patient at our practice has the opportunity to embark on a calm journey to achieve their desired smile.
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Personalised Treatment Plan and Results

We believe in educating you on your first initial visit and helping you explore all available treatment options in modern dentistry. Each patient is carefully assessed to determine if All-On4® is the most suitable treatment option for you based on your teeth conditions, concerns and desires. Every patient will receive a personalised treatment plan, including pricing.
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Experience & Care

With more than 20 years of clinical dentistry experience, we will ensure your AllOn-4® experience is professional, caring and reassuring at the highest level to achieve the best possible result for you. Our caring team is not only passionate about changing smiles but lives. We are with you holding your hand throughout your entire journey.
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High Success Rates & Rapid Results

Each year we complete many All-On-4® implants with very high success rates. Research and our experienced team shows that, if carried out correctly, your AllOn-4® should function and look like natural teeth. At Dental Boutique, you will receive your teeth in as little one to four days from your surgery day. We have streamlined our All On4® processes and that means that you spend absolutely minimal time without teeth.

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Service Transformations

We have transformed thousands of smiles and improved the confidence of countless patients

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Your All-On-4® Guide

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I go for All-On-4® implants?

You may be a suitable candidate if you have natural teeth that are failing from decay and infection, have advanced gum disease and loose teeth, have multiple missing teeth loss, are suffering from ill-fitting dentures and do not want to wear removable dentures. A bone volume evaluation must be done prior to the procedure to ensure sufficient bone for implant placement.

What other option do I have besides All-On-4®?

If your teeth are salvageable, we would recommend maintaining your teeth. In cases where your teeth are not able to be saved, other options besides All-On-4® would be a denture and an implant retained denture. Both these options are removable.

Can I be asleep during the treatment?

We can complete your treatment under Local or General Anaesthesia. Our dental surgeons and assistants are very experienced and gentle, and we check in with you regularly to ensure your procedure is as comfortable as possible. If you choose to complete the All-On-4® treatment under General Anaesthesia, we have an experienced in house anaesthetic team that will be present throughout your entire procedure to ensure safety and comfort. Most All-On-4® cases are completed under General Anaesthetic where you are completely asleep. Whatever your special needs or requests are, be sure to raise them at your consultation and we will plan your treatment accordingly.

How long will my treatment take?

Your treatment will take between 2-4 days. to complete. The 1st day would be surgery day (under GA or LA). The next day would be the try in of your new smile and any adjustments to your smile will be made on this 2nd day. On the 3rd and final day, your final set of teeth will be completed. This timeline can vary from person to person depending on the severity of infection.

Is there any downtime or recovery time required?

We generally recommend that you take up to 5-7 days for recovery. Swelling (and sometimes bruising) generally peaks on the 3rd day starts to subside on the 4th day onwards. The healing time varies from patient to patient depending on their overall health and severity of infection.

How much does All-On-4® cost?

The price of All-On-4® depends on your pre-existing condition, suitability, number of teeth remaining, your bone condition, and the material of choice for your All-On-4® prosthesis. A personalised treatment plan and accurate quote can be given upon a consultation with our All-On-4® dentist. Once we assess your pre-existing condition and discuss your smile goals, we could provide you with all the options and material choices in your specific situation. While many of our patients are attracted by the option of payment plans, they are often also pleasantly surprised to find that treatment will cost less than expected. There is also an option for early release of superannuation funds if you are an eligible candidate.

Do you offer payment plans OR early release of superannuation fund?

Yes we do. Our payment plans start at just $125 a week for All-On-4 implants.​ At Dental Boutique, we have our own dedicated financial team who will assess your financial situation and help organise the best way forward for you. If you weren’t aware, you are able access your superannuation early to pay for dental implants in most cases. Our team will be able to guide you through the application process. We understand that cost is important, and encourage our patients to do their own market research – however, always compare apples for apples! Consider the training and qualifications of your dentist and their team, and the dental artisans they use. Beware cheaper alternatives using different implant brands and type to material being used to construct your teeth and bridge. For more information, give us a call at 1800 667 246, and one of our patient consultants will be able to provide more information in relation to payment plans and early release of superannuation fund.

Have More Questions?

At Dental Boutique in Melbourne, we cater to a wide variety of dental needs ranging from dentures to dental implants. We invite you to experience our no obligation cosmetic smile assessment to help guide, educate and confirm what procedure is right for you. Our friendly and highly trained team are passionate and meticulous about creating beautiful and lasting smiles.

Due to our extensive experience and knowledge, we would be more than happy to discuss all the different options available to your unique situation.

Whether it’s dental bonding or porcelain veneers, we believe in supporting our clients in all the decisions they make and tailor their treatment to suit each individual’s budget and lifestyle. Each member of our team is committed to serving you, so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything.

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