All On 4 Dental Implants

All On 4 Dental Implants

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What is All On 4?

All On 4 technology is a revolutionary and cost effective technique that allows for a realistic and full replacement of teeth and gums. The treatment involves placement of a full set of fixed teeth on just four dental implants. The fixed teeth only takes between one to three days to reconstruct before it is delivered to you. For a prompt, professional and fixed reconstruction of your smile and bite, visit the team at Dental Boutique.

For suitable candidates, All On 4 technology will restore full function, facial height, correct bite and jaw position, improve speech, and re-establish facial aesthetics. This is truly a life transforming procedure.


All On 4 may be a suitable solution for you if you:

  • Have natural teeth that are failing from decay and infection
  • Have advanced gum disease and loose teeth
  • Have multiple missing teeth loss
  • Are suffering from ill-fitting dentures
  • Do not want to wear removable dentures


All On 4 at Dental Boutique:


One Location, One Team

At Dental Boutique, all your work will be completed in our facility, without the need to travel to different places or hospitals. Your procedure can be completed under General Anesthesia as we collaborate with our in-house Specialist Anesthetist.


Rapid Results

At Dental Boutique, you will receive your teeth in as little as one to three days from your surgery day. We have streamlined our processes and that means that you spend absolutely minimal time without teeth.


Complimentary First Visit

We believe in educating you on our first initial visit, to assess and discuss options and will only proceed with treatment if we are the right fit for you.


Over 20 Years of Experience in Dentistry

Between our surgeons, there is more than 20 years of clinical dentistry experience.


Melbourne’s Leading Practice for Anxious Patients

The team at Dental Boutique thrives in a warm and caring, judgement free environment as we understand our patients’ needs.

We have invested heavily in technologies that involve needle-less method to administer local anesthetic (yes, no needles involved!) and a computer assisted single tooth anesthesia for precise and targeted administration of the anesthesia that makes it virtually pain free.

We understand your fears and anxiety.


Affiliated with Nobel Biocare

The only implants with a track record for the All On 4 procedure.

Trained by the directors of Malo institute – founder of the All On 4 technique.


All Photos and Videos on the Website are Our Clients

We do not use stock photos and all of our patients are ambassadors of our work.

What is the Process for All On 4 at Dental Boutique?

Treatment can be completed typically between one – two weeks from the initial visit.

Initial consultation: Complimentary visit to discuss treatment options and costs.

Digital smile design: Involves recording information using photos, videos, moulds of teeth, 3D imaging of teeth and bone, planning the blueprint of the smile and discussion with the technician to ensure the best possible result functionally and aesthetically. Start construction of surgical template for precise placement of implants.
(Visit 1 and 2 can be combined into a single visit).

Treatment Day:  While asleep, we remove diseased tissue and placement of implants. We take impressions to locate implants and record your smile and bite.
Review consultation: Final teeth are tested to check the smile and bite for optimum function and aesthetics. Final adjustments (if any) are completed overnight.
Final consultation: Insertion of the fixed bridge with no or minor adjustments.

All-on-4 Costs

Stage ADA Item Numbers Cost

All On 4 Discovery Session

Complimentary Consult and photo taking to discuss options and costs

013 Dental Boutique does NOT charge for the preliminary consult
TWO: Examination, radiographic diagnosis, 3D imaging of teeth and bone, treatment plan, digital smile design, constructing a surgical guide for precise placement of implants 011, 022X2, 037, 039, 071 X 2, 072, 711 or 712, 679 $2487
THREE: Placement of implants and deliver preliminary fixed bridge 688 X 4

661 X 4

735 X 4

666 X 1

FOUR: 2 weeks later – review appointment N/A Inclusive
FIVE: 3 months later – Hygiene appointment and discussion for long term restorative options 114 Inclusive
TOTAL COST PER ARCH $19,987 with metal reinforced acrylic bridge

All On 4 vs Other Alternatives

Removable dentures have been around for hundreds of years as teeth replacement. While it has been proven to be useful in replacing lost teeth, some problems that persists with dentures include lack of suction, difficulty chewing and eating, excessive movement leading to soreness, bone loss, gagging and lack of facial support. All On 4 is an advanced dental technology that has given patients a new alternative to dentures.

An overdenture (removable denture supported by dental implants) is another option for teeth replacement. It is more secure compared to a full removable denture as it uses implants as anchors. While there is an improvement in stability, you will still need to remove the denture after meals to clean and there is long-term maintenance needed as the bar and o-rings that hold the denture over the implants will wear away over time.

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