Ask Yourself This Question Before Starting Cosmetic Treatment

Written by Dr. Reuben Sim
Published: 22-01-2022

If you ask yourself this one question before your dental visit, I guarantee you your dentist will help you more effectively and more efficiently. Now, that one question is this. What do you want to get out from that consultation? Or what do you want to get out from the visit to the dentist?

When you see a dentist, a dentist can help you in many, many different ways. He can help you in terms of cosmetics, health, in terms of your overall view for hygiene. There’s multiple ways to actually get a result from a dentist, but if you’re clear about why and the purpose of the visit, your dentist can help you so much more.


Now, if you’re coming in for a health purpose, for example, be sure to tell your dentist “My main reason for coming is for health” because that way you can actually dive into areas of potential issues where health could be a problem. Let’s say that the dentist picks up gum disease, which is actually linked to overall health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes and complications during pregnancy. So if you advise the dentist that your outcome of the visit is to get a healthy mouth and healthy body, be sure to tell them, so they can focus more on that with the limited amount of time they have with you. If you focus on something that you have got passion in or something that is important to you, we can spend more time in those areas.

Whereas if you’re coming for a cosmetic reason, be sure to tell them that is why you’re here. Be sure to tell the dentist the reason why you want your smile to be a certain way. Why is it affecting you in terms of your communication with your friends and family? And let him know as well, or her, what sort of size, shape, and colour of teeth, because all this information is really good for the dentist to better help you plan your smile effectively and efficiently.

The key takeaway from this is to be mindful of why you want to be at the dentist’s for. Ask yourself: Is it for health? Is it for cosmetics? Or a combination? That way we can help you the best we can and move forwards with the treatment and get the best outcome for you.