CBHS Preferred Dentist At Dental Boutique

Dental Boutique is proud to partner with CBHS to deliver our patients exceptional dental care with the maximum rebate possible. This means our patients can receive the appropriate care without a large cost.
If you have CBHS insurance you can enjoy benefits at Dental Boutique
  • Maximum Rebate
  • X-rays Included
  • Professional Clean And Scale
  • Custom-Made Mouthguards

CBHS Insurance Benefits

At Dental Boutique, if you are covered by CBHS dental insurance, you will get the maximum rebate on your preventive dental treatments including your routine dental check-up. You check-up includes all dental x-rays completed and your professional scale and clean. If you require a mouthguard for sporting activities you will also be able to claim custom-made dental mouthguards under your dental insurance plan.

We are part of the CBHS Dental Choice Network, which means that provided you have CBHS dental cover, there is minimal or no gap charge for your preventive treatment.

Not With CBHS?

Along with CBHS we also accept all other major private health funds. This allows us to provide all our patients with the service they need, without the hassle.

HICAPS helps us to give you on the spot rebates meaning no waiting time for any rebates you are entitled to.

If you would like any more information about the CBHS insurance coverage, or would like to find out if your health cover is accepted at Dental Boutique, our friendly staff will be happy to assist you. Call them today on 03 9817 7711.