Celebrity smiles –

Abby Gilmore

Social Media Star & Mummy Blogger
Dental Concerns:
  • Crooked, misaligned teeth
  • Discoloured teeth
  • General hygiene and oral health

Abby is a young mum of three beautiful children and is popular on the Instagram platform for her innate skill for telling it like it is. She is a much loved “mummy” blogger with a large social media following on Instagram of 100k followers, sharing her thoughts and insights on motherhood — both the good times and difficult times. Abby reached out to Dental Boutique on Instagram for advice around her misaligned and crooked teeth, particularly her upper teeth, and was looking for an effective treatment to improve the colour of her teeth.


Abby is currently completing Invisalign at Dental Boutique to achieve the straight, healthy smile she has been looking for and intends to complete in chair teeth whitening treatment after she finishes her Invisalign treatment to brighten her smile. Abby will also continue to whiten her teeth at home using some teeth whitening gels to whiten her newly straightened teeth!