Celebrity smiles –

Sarita Holland

Model & Full-Time Mum
Dental Concerns:
  • Discolouration
  • Crowded bottom teeth
  • Looking to widen her smile

Sarita Holland is one of those mums that makes you think to yourself ‘if I’m half the mum that she is I’ll be happy”, though she never shies on the struggles often encountered as a mother of twin boys and a beautiful little girl.

Sarita has made waves in the modelling and talent industry as a body positive figure that’s not afraid to show you the true side of motherhood and modelling. But with such a busy schedule comes round the clock hours – you never really clock off as a mum – and with tiresome days comes coffee! It’s a guilty pleasure for most!

Sarita worried that coffee, amongst other foods, had begun to stain her teeth with the addition of a crowded lower row of teeth, so she decided to reach out and begin the process of correcting her concerns. Sarita heard a number of people raving about Dental Boutique and after approaching the team, they consulted in recommendation of Invisalign and an in-chair, 4-stage teeth whitening process.

Sarita was wrapped with her results. After attempts with other methods of straightening, there was nothing to compare with Invisalign, kindly stating ”I loved the experience and it’s the best customer service I’ve ever had”.


Teeth whitening (in chair) and Invisalign

Treatment Timeline:

Treatment took place over an extended period of time.