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Dental Implants

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Your Reliable Choice for Dental Implants in Melbourne

Dental implants are used to replace teeth you may have lost through an accident, dental degradation or old age. At Dental Boutique’s Melbourne clinic, we use the latest technological advances to come up with solutions to give you natural-looking and long lasting implants which will give you the confidence to smile once again.

Dental implants can be a life-long solution to missing teeth. They are comfortably embedded into your gums to give your new teeth strength and durability. Dental implants are expected to have a high success rate of 95%.

There are three main types of implants we provide in Dental Boutique:

Dental Implants

Single Dental Implants

A single dental implant is applied when only one of the patient’s teeth are missing. Dental implants are applied in two parts. First, a titanium post is inserted into the gum to replace the missing root. This will provide the tooth with support and strength. A crown or denture is then placed on the post to replace the missing tooth.
All 4 One

All on 4

In the case of advanced decay or majority of teeth missing, simple dental implants might not be able to do the trick. This is where the All-on-4 treatment comes into the picture.

The All-on-4 is a permanent dental implant solution designed to be an alternative to full teeth dentures. Through All-on-4 a full set of prosthetic teeth are hinged on to four dental posts that support the whole set.

Dental Implants

Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple dental implants are applied the same way as single dental implants, but will require more work as multiple dentures will be placed to replace a few missing teeth. 

You may be a candidate for single or multiple implants if you are missing one or more teeth in between healthy natural teeth. Candidates must also have healthy gums, jaw bones and oral hygiene standards.

The Benefits of Dental Implants


With posts going down to the bone of your jaw, dental implants provide you with a stability and durability that is reliable. You no longer have to worry about your new teeth coming off when you bite on hard food. 


Because implants are so durable and long-lasting, you actually save in the long term! No need to replace anything as long as you take good care of them thus no upkeep costs. Long term will always win you the cost battle.


Dental implants have a natural look that blends in well with the rest of your teeth. Early on in the planning stage, we will find the colour that matches best with your existing teeth so people will never even notice that you have implants. Furthermore, dental implants will ensure your ability to communicate and exert yourself with confidence.

Finding the Best Solution for You

Every patient is a special case. We want to make sure you feel like you’re in control and well aware of the treatment options you have. Here are some of the treatments in our Melbourne dental implant clinic available for patients with missing teeth – and the distinctions between each of them.

Dental Boutique Denture Implant Bridge All On 4 Ver 2 2

Bringing Your Smile to the Next Step with Computer-guided Technology

In computer-guided implant surgeries, a 3D cone-beam scan is used to perform a virtual surgery in which a 3D scan is overlaid on a patient’s mouth and the surgeon performs a virtual and simulated procedure before proceeding with the actual one. A computer-generated surgical guide is created from the information gathered from the simulation to assist in the precise placement of the implants. This allows the surgeon to do a trial run and master whatever steps are necessary to make the surgery a success.

Computer-guided implant surgery is helpful in cases where margin of error is small and where a free-hand procedure might possibly lead to a negative outcome. It’s also helpful in cases where there is little to no landmarks to help guide the orientation of the teeth.

Service Transformations

We have transformed thousands of smiles and improved the confidence of countless patients

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you say your new method involves “no peeling of gums”, what is the peeling of gums?

Some dentists might peel or cut off a portion of a patient’s gums to expose the part of the jaw bone where the dental implants will be installed. This is to ensure that implants are placed in an area with an adequate amount of bone.

Our methods, however, no longer require us to do this. The peeling of gums can cause additional discomfort and problems for patients, which we would like to avoid so the peeling of the gums is something we don’t do anymore.

Since it’s now keyhole surgery replacing the traditional methods of installing implants, which is a fair bit shorter time taken, is this reflected in the cost?

We do not charge only according to the time it takes to complete a surgery, but also on other factors such as the costs of materials, the expertise required to perform a procedure, the level of difficulty and the results you get. It might or might not come out cheaper. This will all depend on our initial assessment of your case.

If finances are an issue for you, not to worry. We help our patients find ways to get their dream smile even if cost is a challenge. There are financing options, payment plans or insurance claims you can use to help you financially for your procedure.

Can dental implants help with overall gum health?

Bad teeth can definitely lead to gum problems. We often put in dental implants to replace teeth that are rotting or are causing undesirable pressure on the gums or jawbone. This helps not just with the aesthetics of your smile, but also the overall health of your mouth, including your gums.

How long are dental implants guaranteed for?

With proper care, dental implants can last you a lifetime. Our Melbourne dental implants have a 98% success rate. Most of our clients walk out with smiles that they will have for the rest of their lives.

Do dental implants go through a period where they’re wobbly at first but then gradually settle in and become more stable?

No. Implants are never supposed to be wobbly. They are meant to be firmly fixed just like the rest of your natural teeth.

If a person has lost all or most of their teeth, are you still able to insert implants?

It’s possible to create dental implants for a person who has lost the majority or all of one’s teeth, but it wouldn’t be the optimal solution. For cases like this, we would recommend that patients look into the All-on-4 solution instead.

What are dental implants made of?

The crown – or the part which becomes the visible tooth – is made up of a ceramic material that is meant to match the texture, colour and feel of a natural tooth. The implant base, which acts like the root of a tooth, is made up of a strong metal, often Titanium, or a crystal-like material called Zirconia.

From the first consultation with you, is there a delay before people can book in for the procedure?

From the first consult, we will schedule you in for the procedure. If your procedure has few complications, you will be scheduled in within a few days time – possibly within the week. For more complicated procedures, we will need some more time to prepare for the procedure.

Is a condition like extremely sensitive teeth enough of a reason for people to want to replace their teeth with implants?

There are multiple reasons why people might want implants. Rotten, missing and extremely damaged or chipped teeth are some of the most common. For highly sensitive teeth, implants are not the optimal solution. There are other alternatives we would like to try before considering the extreme case of replacement.

What kinds of positive psychological effects can dental implants have on a person? Eg improved self-esteem, greater confidence, improved love-life etc?

With a better and more beautiful smile, patients will definitely experience a psychological and emotional change due to implants. We’ve had multiple patients share ecstatic moments with us upon the unveiling of their new teeth. These experiences and more are available for you to watch on our Youtube channel.

Can the dental implants deteriorate faster like teeth do if exposed to too much sugar, coffee or similar liquids?

Highly acidic and tinted drinks like wine, coffee and certain juices can cause your implants to stain just like it would normal teeth. We would recommend that you minimize the intake of these drinks.

Also, extremely hard and gamey food can also ruin your denture implants just as it would normal teeth if you eat too much of it. The key is moderation. With proper consideration of the food you eat, your dentures can last for a very very long time.

Is word-of-mouth one of the main ways people find you, since having a sudden mouthful of quality teeth must have a profound impact on the people who surround the patient socially also?

A great majority of our patients have heard of us from a friend. We are humbled by the confidence that our previous patients have had in us, but also pride ourselves in the transformation and change that we are part of the lives of people who we’ve treated and helped.

Choose Dental Boutique for all your dental needs

Whether it’s porcelain veneers, dental bonding, or sleep dentistry, we’re here to help. Our team of experts will tailor their treatment to suit each individual’s lifestyle and budgetary requirements with our dental plans. Dental Boutique is committed to serving all our customers in Melbourne.

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