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Dental Anxiety – Fear And Cost Cause Many To Avoid Visits


Fear of the dentist is one of the most common fears in Australia, affecting 1 in every 6 adults. As a result of this, many avoid and delay a dentist visit until a problem occurs.

Co-founder of Dental Boutique, Dr Reuben Sim highlights how dental anxiety can occur and what patients can do to help their anxiety when they visit the dentist.

At Dental Boutique especially, we have many procedures and plans in place to help mitigate as much anxiety patients may feel. We have found have distractions such as a TV on the roof to watch Netflix, alongside noise-cancelling headphones can help. We also aim to make the environment as comfortable as possible with blankets and aromatherapy. There are also other options we offer such as sleep dentistry, relaxant medications, and more for those who’d prefer to opt for those.

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