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Recently, I had the opportunity to visit Dental Boutique, situated on the bustling Castlereagh Street in Sydney, for a routine scaling and X-ray procedure.
The clinic, operated by Malaysian-born entrepreneurs Dr. Reuben Sim and Dr. May Chan and their Sydney-based business partners, immediately impressed me with its luxurious ambiance, akin to a high-end, five-star hotel.


Dental Boutique co-founders from left Dr May Chan and Dr Reuben Sim.

The professional team, including some staff members from the UK and the Phillipines, added to the clinic’s international appeal.

The clinic, sprawling with around 17 dental rooms, exuded sophistication and state-of-the-art facilities.


The Welcoming Lobby at Dental Boutique.

I was ushered into room number four, where I was under the expert care of Dr. Cigdem Kipel, BOralH(DSc), GDipDent(Qld), FRACDS, the Director & Principal Dentist at Dental Boutique Sydney.


The Welcoming Lobby at Dental Boutique.

The level of care and attention to detail was remarkable.

Dr. Kipel conducted a thorough examination, utilizing advanced photographic techniques to capture a detailed view of my teeth and mouth, followed by an efficient and thorough cleaning process.

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Beyond the dental procedure, Dr. Kipel extended the courtesy of a guided tour around the facility.

This insightful tour included introductions to her dedicated staff and her business partner, Dr. Ben.

It was an eye-opening experience that showcased the clinics commitment to excellence in dental care.


Financial accessibility is a hallmark of Dental Boutique Sydney, with the clinic offering flexible payment options, including installment payments through services like Afterpay and Hurmm.

This approach makes their top-tier dental services accessible to a broader clientele.

The scaling procedure, reasonably priced at $279, along with the X-ray for $190, reflects the clinic’s commitment to providing quality care at fair prices.


Dr Cigdem Kipel. Picture by June Ramli.

In a comprehensive interview with, Dr. Kipel shed light on the common apprehensions Australians have towards dental care.

She attributed this to a blend of fear, anxiety, and historical mistrust towards the dental profession.

Dr. Kipel passionately spoke about how Dental Boutique Sydney is spearheading a transformative approach to dentistry, aiming to shift the public’s perception and experience from fear and distrust to one of trust, comfort, and safety.

Dr. Kipel also discussed the broader issue of dental care’s integration into Medicare.

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She differentiated between elective cosmetic procedures and essential dental health services, advocating for the latter’s inclusion in public healthcare funding.

This, she believes, is crucial for ensuring holistic health care that encompasses oral health.

Addressing potential misconceptions about the clinic’s high-end appearance, Dr. Kipel assured that their pricing is competitive and in line with the industry standards, debunking any myths of exclusivity or prohibitive costs.

She emphasized that Dental Boutique Sydney is committed to delivering premium services at reasonable prices.


A significant part of the interview focused on patient safety and hygiene standards at Dental Boutique Sydney.

Dr. Kipel detailed their rigorous infection control protocols, which are designed under the assumption that every patient could potentially carry bloodborne diseases.

This meticulous approach ensures the highest safety standards for both patients and staff.

Dr. Kipel also offered advice on overseas dental treatments, stressing the importance of considering potential risks and complications.

She highlighted the clinic’s commitment to standing by their patients throughout their treatment journey, offering continuity of care that might not be guaranteed with overseas procedures.

Concluding Thoughts

Dental Boutique Sydney is more than just a dental clinic; it’s a pioneer in transforming dental care experiences.

The clinic, under the leadership of Dr. Kipel and her team, excels in breaking down barriers of fear and distrust associated with dental visits.

Their commitment to patient safety, combined with accessible financial options, sets them apart as a leading choice for those seeking exceptional dental care.

The clinic’s ability to merge luxury with affordability, safety with comfort, and professionalism with warmth, makes it a standout in the field of dentistry.