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The Truth about Miley’s Teeth: Celebrity Dentist reveals all the work Cyrus has had done to achieve her Hollywood smile

A leading Australian dentist has detailed all the work Miley Cyrus has had done over the years to achieve her Hollywood smile.

In an Instagram video, Dr Sam Koh, a leading cosmetic dentist from Dental Boutique in Melbourne, explained how much the pop star’s teeth have changed over the years.

He said before she got porcelain veneers, Cyrus had a gummy smile full of ‘short and square’ teeth.

‘Over the years they have corrected that with gum recontouring. They raised the gum up to make the teeth appear longer and taller. When she smiles it’s not as gummy,’ he claimed.

‘It looks like she has had a new set of veneers, which has improved her smile. It looks a lot more harmonious, straighter and neater.’

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He added that Cyrus could potentially get some more cosmetic work done to ensure her smile remains radiant.

Koh has developed a reputation for reviewing the teeth of A-List celebrities.

In February, Koh discussed Taylor Swift’s teeth.

‘It looks like she has had a set of veneers to cover up a few issues with her teeth. Her gum line was off, one side of it was lower than the other,’ he said.

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‘Her two eye teeth were sitting up really high. They evened up the gum levels and gave her a more harmonious smile.

‘Back in 2013, she chipped her eye tooth veneer singing on stage on a microphone. She has only recently changed them over. With this new smile, she has redone every single one of her teeth. They are straighter, neater and whiter.’

Koh added the skilled work ensured Taylor always looked her best when beaming for the cameras and said the end result received a ‘big tick’ from him.

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