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What will Invisalign Treatment fix?

If you’re experiencing the following dental issues, you may be a candidate for Invisalign treatment;

  • Gapped teeth
  • Misaligned teeth
  • Underbite
  • Overbite
  • Crossbite
  • Crowded teeth

Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign is a modern teeth straightening treatment designed to be comfortable, quick and effective. Invisalign treatment at Dental Boutique Adelaide can be segmented into three stages.

Step 1: The Consult

To understand your journey, goals and the struggles you’ve been experiencing, your first visit to our Adelaide clinic will consist of an in-depth consultation.

We will analyse the way you talk, smile and bite, piecing together the data to finalise the best treatment plan for you.

Once we have confirmed that Invisalign treatment is the best way forwards, we can develop your dental pathway and get you on your way to a stunning new smile.

Step 2: View Your Smile

We take a series of 3D images and scans that give us the essential building blocks to begin designing your Invisalign retainer and smile.

At Dental Boutique Adelaide, we believe transparency is the only way to develop trust and loyalty with our patients. That’s why we use Clincheck Video Technology to give you an example of what your smile is going to look like. After we are convinced that you’re entirely satisfied with the look of your smile, we send off the data to our design team.

Step 3: Commencing Your Invisalign Treatment

It’s time to get started! Once we’ve designed your clear aligners, we’ll book you in at a convenient time to fit your aligners and discuss treatment moving forwards.

We will review your teeth and replace the aligners every 6-8 weeks over the duration of the treatment. Treatment duration will vary based on the severity of your misalignment but on average, it usually takes 6-12 months.

On your last review, you will be given your final retainer; after that, you’re not required for any more check-ups except if there are any aftercare concerns.


The Benefits of Invisalign Treatment

  • Clear aligners provide a virtually invisible treatment often undetected
  • Compared to traditional orthodontic treatments, Invisalign is considered the most comfortable
  • Invisalign is often the fastest orthodontic treatment.
  • Invisalign retainers are easy to remove in order to eat and clean.
  • They correct alignment and straighten your teeth, contributing to the aesthetics and functionality of your smile.

Invisalign Costs in Adelaide

At Dental Boutique, we promise affordability reinforced by quality. Smiles should not be limited, and if finances are a concern, we’ve established various payment alternatives to enable you to start treatment as quickly as possible.

Invisalign costs include;

  • Smile design and diagnostic workup
  • Orthodontic records and analysis
  • Preview of your new smile using ClinCheck software
  • New personalised aligners every 6-8 weeks

The exact price for your Invisalign treatment will vary based on;

  • Treatment type
  • Treatment time
  • Complexity
  • Smile goals

For accurate costs associated with Invisalign and details on payment plans, please get in touch with Dental Boutique Adelaide – 1300 327 645 (1300 DB SMILE)

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Dental Boutique Adelaide – Your Dental Practice of Choice

We want you to be able to find the right dentist. Dental Boutique operates with over 20 years experience in the industry. Our leading dentists have been at the forefront of technology advancements. We are Black Diamond Invisalign providers, which means we successfully transform 200 smiles through Invisalign every year!

We have the expertise, knowledge, transparency, and affordability to offer you a solution to the hardship you’ve been struggling with.

If the thought of getting Invisalign treatment scares you or makes you feel anxious, please rest easy knowing that we have developed our clinic to accommodate dentophobia, a condition that many people have, though it goes undiagnosed.

Please contact us below if you have experienced these feelings but you’re motivated to make a change.


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Invisalign Treatment Before And Afters

Being one of the largest Invisalign providers in Australia, we have transformed thousands of Invisalign smiles. We’re dedicated to delivering not just an average smile, but a spectacular one every single time. That’s why we’ve collated a list of Invisalign treatment before and afters transformations. Here are some below, and also check out our 1,000 smiles gallery for more.

1,000 Before & Afters

Have More Questions?

We invite you to experience our no obligation cosmetic smile assessment to help guide, educate and confirm if Invisalign treatment is right for you. Our friendly and highly trained team are passionate and meticulous about creating beautiful and lasting smiles

Due to our extensive experience and knowledge, we would discuss all the different options available to you in your unique situation. We believe in supporting our clients in all the decision they make and tailor their treatment to suit each individual’s budget and lifestyle. Each member of our team is committed to serving you, so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything.