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If you want to address any minor flaws that have been setting you back and are ready to fall back in love with your smile, then Composite bonding in Geelong may be your best course of action.

Composite bonding is a safe, long term treatment for correcting minor aesthetic flaws like discolouration, chips, cracks and minor misalignment or spacing issues for one or more teeth.

Composite tooth bonding falls under adhesive dentistry, a type of dentistry that focuses on high-grade adhesion to correct flaws. In this instance, resin is used to enhance the shape, size and appearance of one or more teeth.

With just one application, Dental Boutique Geelong’s dentist-grade resin will stick to any surface, whether it’s enamel, metal, porcelain, zirconia or ceramic.

What is the process of composite bonding in Geelong?

Our expert dentists at Dental Boutique Geelong provide a streamlined process for your resin bonding teeth needs.

The dental bonding process will span across several appointments from the initial consultation phase to the application phase.

Let’s explore them below.



Once composite bonding is confirmed to be the appropriate treatment for your teeth, our expert team will work alongside you to design a smile you’ll love.

We’ll be taking into account your face shape, your current teeth and smile requirements, your preferences and personal characteristics.

After we’ve landed on a clear idea of what your smile will look like, you’ll then be invited to our Geelong studio where we’ll capture your current smile through photos and a video.

These digital assets will form the foundation of your smile trial, and our team will digitally recreate what the end result will look like so you can have a clearer idea of what to expect.

This will also provide you with an opportunity to tweak any aspects of your ideal smile until you are 100% satisfied.


Shade selection

Once you have landed on your ideal smile, you’ll then have the opportunity to pick out the shade of your resin.

Your dentist will provide you with several options to choose from to match your existing teeth, and to ensure you have full control of your dental composite outcome.

Choosing the right shade for you ensures the end result looks natural while harmonising with your complexion and existing teeth.



After you and your dentist at Dental Boutique Geelong have landed on your preferred shade of resin, you’ll then be ready for the application stage of your composite bonding.

Your dentist will apply dental composite to the specified tooth or set of teeth, and the utilise a range of techniques to shape and mould the surface.

Once the ideal shape has been achieved and approved by you, a blue ultraviolet light will be used to cure your composite tooth bonding, which will harden the resin in place.

Your composite bonding will be smoothed, buffed and trimmed until it’s smooth to the touch and feels natural in your mouth.



For two days following your procedure, you should avoid substances, foods and drinks that can impact or interfere with the appearance of your new teeth.

That means staying clear of anything that may stain your teeth, like smoking, caffeine, beetroot, berries and red wine.

After 48 hours, the composite bonding will be less impressionable and you can resume with your normal intake.

You should endeavour to maintain your new smile through a consistent oral health routine that includes brushing twice daily, flossing, and regular check-up appointment.

What is the cost of Composite Bonding in Geelong?

Dental Boutique Geelong offers an affordable teeth composite bonding treatment.

The cost of composite bonding will be determined by factors such as the amount of teeth included in the treatment, the materials required to achieve your desired results, and how damaged your teeth are.

If upfront costs are a concern for you, Dental Boutique Geelong also offers payment plans, starting from $100 per week, to ensure you can still achieve your dream smile.

If you’d like a more accurate cost estimate, you can reach out to our expert team, or book a consultation today.

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Why do so many people choose Dental Boutique Geelong for their composite bonding?

Dental Boutique Geelong is the chosen dentist for many in search of a timeless smile using composite bonding.

The Geelong Practice cultivates a sense of calm through soothing decor, comfortable lounges and a relaxing ambience achieved by aromatherapy. This helps ease any anxiety or tension patients may have in anticipation for their treatment or consultation.

Not only are the team members experts in their field, but each private room is host to current technologies that streamline our offerings.

Whether it’s Invisalign®, composite bonding or general dentistry and oral hygiene, our clients trust that they will receive the highest level of care at an affordable price.


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