Dental Bridges Mornington

Are you looking to replace several cracked, chipped or decaying teeth? Perhaps you’re missing several teeth in a row and are looking to restore your smile.

At Dental Boutique, we’ve been offering artisan dental bridges for over twenty years. Our decades of knowledge allows us to treat our patients with the utmost care and precision, crafting the finest results time after time.

Contact us today to book a consultation for our dental bridge treatment in Mornington.

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What Is A Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge is permanent tooth-like device that replaces missing, decaying or damaged teeth. It is secured in place by several implants which gives you full mouth functionality and restores your bite force.

While dental bridges can be made from a number of materials, at Dental Boutique Mornington, we offer high-grade, hand-crafted Italian porcelain.

If you are looking to replace only one tooth, a dental implant or dental crown may be more appropriate for you.

Dental Bridges In Mornington

When you choose Dental Boutique Mornington, you receive award-winning oral care in an atmosphere that surpasses your expectations.

Our Dental Boutique dentists have received their qualifications from some of the most prestigious institutions, and continue to expand their professional knowledge to ensure they’re always in the know.

Whether it’s general or cosmetic dentistry you seek, our expert team will listen to you with care to ensure your vision informs your results.

To calm any dental nerves, we’ve curated a soothing environment with the help of tranquil aromatherapy, ambient music and water sounds, warm lighting and elegant artworks.

You’ll also have the option of watching your favourite Netflix shows during your treatment, allowing you to fully relax while you’re in safe hands.

Dental Bridge Cost Mornington & Flexible Financing Options

At Dental Boutique Mornington, we believe that receiving the dental care you need shouldn’t be limited by money, so we offer a range of flexible finance options from as little as $50 week.

This helps patients like you receive life changing treatments today, while comfortably paying tomorrow.

The total cost of your dental bridge will depend on factors including the amount of teeth that need replacing, the severity of decay or damage, the location of your dental bridges and any preliminary treatments that may be required.

For an accurate dental bridge cost, contact our friendly team at Dental Boutique Mornington today.

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Benefits Of Dental Bridges

  1. Restore Bite Force & Mouth Function
  2. Enhance Smile Aesthetics
  3. Prevent Further Decay
  4. Boost Confidence
  5. Cost-Effective Treatment Option
  6. Flexible Payment Plans Available

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The Dental Bridge Procedure: What To Expect.

When it comes to dental bridges, we do things a little differently at Dental Boutique Mornington. From your initial consultation to your final appointment, our focus is on garnering the highest quality results.

We’ll begin with an initial consultation to understand your smile goals and make sure dental bridges are the most effective treatment for you. Once your dental bridge treatment is confirmed, we’ll conduct your treatment across two further visits, each averaging one hour.


Visit One: Initial Consultation.

During your first visit, we’ll confirm whether dental bridges are right for you and learn all about your desires, concerns and oral health.

We’ll study your mouth functioning, including your biting habits, smile and speech pattern, and create a personalised strategy to incorporate a dental bridge.

Once you’re happy with the strategy, we’ll send a 3D scan of your teeth to the ceramists who will hand craft your dental bridge.


Visit Two: Temporary Bridge Insertion.

Your qualified Melbourne dentist will apply a temporary prosthetic bridge to your teeth that will mimic your permanent bridge. This step allows you to get a feel for your dental bridge and how the final result will turn out.

A temporary bridge also allows you to make any tweaks or changes to your bridge to increase comfort or enhance aesthetics.

Once you’re happy with your temporary bridge, our artisan team will finalise your permanent dental bridge here in Melbourne.


Visit Three: Your Permanent Dental Bridge.

Your final visit will be your most exciting yet. Our expert team will remove your temporary dental bridge and attach your permanent bridge in its place.

We’ll then buff, polish and make any last-minute adjustments based on your feedback. Once both you and your dentist are satisfied with the results, your bridge will be permanently secured.

Dental Boutique — Your Dental Clinic of Choice

Experience & Care

We have treated over 20,000 patients and always aim to create a spectacular smile that exceeds your expectations, regardless of your treatment choice.

We are committed to ensuring your experience is professional and relaxing from your initial consultation to your final appointment.

One-Stop Dental Care

Our highly qualified dental team delivers the most comprehensive dentistry all under one roof, without the need to travel elsewhere.

Flexible Payment Plans

Dental Boutique offers a number of flexible payment plan options and denture costs to suit most budgets, so you can get started with treatment now and pay later.


Have More Questions?

We invite you to experience our no obligation assessment to help guide, educate and confirm which treatment is right for you. Our friendly and highly trained team are passionate and meticulous about creating beautiful and lasting smiles

Due to our extensive experience and knowledge, we would discuss all the different options available to you in your unique situation. We believe in supporting our clients in all the decision they make and tailor their treatment to suit each individual’s budget and lifestyle. Each member of our team is committed to serving you, so please don’t hesitate to ask us anything.

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